Christmas List

Since I let my mom read the blog, I might as well put it to good use :)  Here are links to some gift ideas for me and C for Christmas, just in case you were wondering what we need/want (some of these are the ones we have already talked about)!  You can also refer others to this page if they are asking for gift ideas for her.

the shopping cart thing we saw at the consignment store
a rocking horse thing
a climbing gym of some kind (this 5 pc set is the cheapest I've seen)
Music Together gift certificate to pay for future music classes, or gymnastics, or toddler yoga.
Clothes, see here, here, and here
I'm getting her a play kitchen, so any kind of pots and pans set, play food set, or other groceries, etc to go with would be good.  (Breakfast with Boppa)
Puppy Memory Game here

Ove Gloves for the kitchen
Blue silicone-tipped tongs
This necklace is beautiful
I need pendants to match my Funky Mama Bird earrings - one in the blue and one in the pink would complete the sets.  Bracelets would be nice too.
I love this.  It's from a woman in the UK, so a little unfeasable for shipping for Christmas, but it's beautiful.
Isn't this pretty? 
I absolutely adore this.
Beautiful.  Has earrings that match.

Okay, that's probably enough ideas ....