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Cloth Diapering 101 - The Posts

Wool (this was before the CD 101 series debuted, but has some good information in it!)
The Overview
Materials and Fabrics
AIOs and Pockets
Wet Bags
Nighttime Diapering
Pocket Inserts
Laundry Routine
Pocket Reviews
Cloth Wipes
Changing Pads
Diaper Cream and Cloth
Traveling with Cloth

I am an avid cloth diaperer, and I love helping other parents begin or continue cloth diapering. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at mommiev1 at gmail dot com.

I have been developing a series of posts that I have called "Cloth Diapering 101". They have the tag CD 101, so you can find them easily, or check the index above. I also have many photos of my little one in all kinds of cloth diapers sprinkled throughout my posts, so you can see many examples of modern cloth diapers in action here.

Update: A fellow blogger and I have begun a cloth diapering meme we call Cloth Tushie Tuesday.  Every Tuesday there is a new topic about cloth diapers.  We invite any mama with a story to share about cloth diapers to write a post on Tuesday and link up at one of our sites to the Linky to share your post.  Here is an index to the posts I have written for the themes - you can also find them by clicking the "Tushie Tuesday" tag.

Cloth Tushie Tuesday - The Posts
Week 1 - Your First Cloth Diaper
Week 2 - Your Best Cloth Diapering Tips
Week 3 - Your Laundry Routine
Week 4 - Your Favorite Diaper
Week 5 - How Do You Organize Your Cloth Diapers?
Week 6 - Advice You Would Give To A Mama Trying Cloth

I was initially attracted to cloth diapering to save money. That is one definite benefit to using cloth diapers. I also like the idea of having a re-usable diaper instead of a disposable. The thought of the sposie diapers that sit in landfills makes my head spin. I was a little leery of the idea of chemicals next to my baby's skin, and I like the idea of being eco-friendly. The jury is still out on how much more "green" cloth diapering is. The truth is that you can use alot of water in washing, although that is nothing compared to the water used to turn wood pulp into diapers. If everything else is even ... just think about how cute the cloth diapers are!

Welcome to the world of Cloth Diapering!