Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prefolds - Action Shots

One of the posts that brings people to my blog is my CD 101 post on prefolds.  I have always thought prefolds and covers were one of the simplest diapering options, and it is still one of my favorite parts of my stash.  If you're looking for cheap, if you're looking for easy, if you're looking for all the benefits of cloth diapering, look no further than prefolds.

But looking back on that post, while it has some great information, it still makes prefold diapers sound kindof complicated.  I wrote about different types to try to help explain options.  Likewise with folds.  I hope it doesn't discourage any mamas from trying prefolds and covers - it really is quite simple to cloth diaper with prefolds.  I probably would have never switched from prefolds as the main part of our diaper stash if it wasn't for starting daycare (where we need to use pockets).

1.  Pick a cover type and size.  If I had it to do all over again, I would go with Thirsties Duo covers in snap versions.  Two sizes cover the range from small babies to potty learning.  Those covers weren't out when I started, so I used Thirsties sized covers.  Which are still awesome, and we stopped at size Medium, but that still means we've gone through three sizes of covers (XS, S, M) and it would be four if my kid wasn't so darn petite.

2.  Pick a prefold fabric.  I prefer hemp because it's so darn absorbent.  But that also means expensive.  (Thirsties, Knickernappies, Baby Kicks, or my newest fave, Hemp Babies are my recommendations for hemp.  Panda Tushies is my recommendation for bamboo.  Little Lions or Econobum are my suggestions for cotton prefolds.)

3.  Pick the size prefolds that you need to fit in your chosen cover type and size.  (Preemie sized prefolds worked in XS covers, infant size worked well in S covers.  GMD reds work well in size Medium covers, but by then I had moved on to hemp.  Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold in size 2 works magically in Medium covers.)

4.  Trifold the prefold.  Lay in the cover.  Fasten cover around baby.

That's it.  Prefolds boil to down to simply that.

Trifolding works awesome because it puts the most fabric in the wet zone.  I've tried - and describe in the prefolds post - a couple of other folds.  I've come around to the conclusion that trifolding is the way to go.

And now for some action shots of prefolds in covers on my kid.  Maybe she's so cute, she'll convince you.

Most recent shots of prefold in cover in the backyard swimming pool are here.
Prefold in cover on the beach can be seen here.  The green snap cover is a Flip with a prefold in it.


Econobum cover.

Purple Flip cover.  Doll stroller.

Econobum cover.  Grandpa shoes

Econobum cover.  Messy kitchen.  Melting down kid.
 As always, feel free to email or comment with questions about prefolds, cloth diapers, or anything else.


Meredith said...

I love her leg warmers. Also, you are a saint for using reusable diapers. I am a bit jealous I never thought of it.

etta said...

I stumbled upon your blog doing research on cloth diapers. I just wanted to thank you for all of the information you shared. I'm expecting my first baby in the fall and plan to CD. Before I read your CD 101 posts, I had settled on AIO's because I thought everything else would be too complicated. Thank you!

MommieV said...

Hi Etta! I'm so glad that you found something that helped you. AIO's are very simple, that's one benefit to them. I did some AIO's with my girl when she was tiny (I custom ordered a preemie sized AIO as her "going home" diaper when I was in the hospital on bedrest). They are easier, but I did find there were some drawbacks, so as she got bigger, I moved to prefolds and covers, and tried some pockets.

If you have any questions once you start using cloth diapers, feel free to shoot me an email. Good luck!

linzer said...

Nice detailed post. I too to tried a bunch of fancy AIO options mainly for my caretakers' ease.... But my and my partner's go-to dipes are always prefolds and covers. I got sick of trying to keep my fleece clean, odor-free and void of creams so I actually snipped out all the "pockets" of my blueberries and made them into just covers. After trying a few premium prefolds , I prefer gerber prefolds wrapped around blueberries ecoliners b/c my family likes cotton as the first layer on our skin. Gerber's are workable to whatever shape I need and not overly bulky for my petite little lady like most prefolds. They seem to always get a bad wrap, but they serve a huge purpose in our house and pair nicely with the blueberry soakers. These are all super easy to wash and keep clean. I wish i'd thought about the ease of wash/dry factors when originally starting CD'ing but i suppose this is how we learn. Kind of like buying a BMW vs a Honda and not factoring in the associated cost of maintaining / fixing said fancier ride. Dry baby. Happy mama.

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