Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Hot, The Sequel - A Story in Five Acts

Remember last summer when it was really hot?

Somehow it seems to have done the same thing this year.  It went from very cold and raining to very hot and dry.  Thanks, Mother Nature.

So to keep cool, we play with water in Nan's Backyard.

(Yes, we have cloth swim diapers.  Both were at home - I never seem to come prepared.  She just kept her regular diaper on, and I changed prefold + cover after the swimming was over.)


Billy said...

I hope you don't mind me asking, but if the pool is at home (or at your parents house - not a public place where anyone can see), why not without a diaper at all?

MommieV said...

That is a good question. Part of the answer is just that she got in the pool in what she was wearing, which was her diaper and a shirt. Part of the answer is that I don't want her to get too comfortable swimming naked since we can't do that when we go to the public pool.

But I do let her run naked in the backyard quite a bit. Partly for potty training, partly because she rips her diaper off.

It makes me shiver to think about THAT cold of water on a little girl's va jay jay....

Billy said...

Thanks for the asnwer :-).

Anonymous said...

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