Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Girl And Her Dog, A Year Later

My Wee One loves dogs.  The first day this summer that we went to the farmer's market, she saw two dogs that she got to pet.  That was around the time that we were starting to say our nighttime prayers more routinely, so we said Thank You God for the good food we had purchased at the farmer's market, and Please Bless all the people that helped to grow the good things we eat.  "Dogs!" chimed in the kid, so we said "Thank You God for the dogs we saw at the Farmer's Market, and Please Bless all the dogs."

Well, "Dogs!" has become a nighttime staple of our prayers.  So far we have seen at least one dog each time we have visited the farmer's market, so my kid assumes that's just part of what happens there.

I have let myself begin to think in the direction of "what if we get a dog".  I had a dog that I loved so much that I can't even bring myself to write her tribute on this blog.  Two anniversaries of her death have passed, and I can't bring myself to boil her life down to a post of words.  I feel guilty thinking about getting another dog, and then I lose myself in the details of how much time it would take to housebreak and how to teach it not to bite, and ...

So in the meantime, my parents dog serves as our surrogate dog.  At the current moment, she is staying with us, since my dad is out of the country and my mom is ... well, off being my mom.

So tonight we ate supper, then went outside to blow some bubbles.

Why yes, that is my kid in the big-girl panties who tells me when she needs to go inside to pee pee in the potty thankyouverymuch!

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Funky Mama Bird said...

So nice you get a part-time dog around! My kid loves dogs, too. We bought him a stuffed dog that he now sleeps with and hauls everywhere and he hasn't met a dog yet that he doesn't want to pat and love on.

Some day.

Billy said...

Yay for telling you when she wants to pee! (not yet there.. sigh)

Elizabeth R., EA said...

Our dogs are "geriatric" dogs. It breaks my heart to know that my 7 month old will not remember our dogs.

However, I have told my husband that I don't want to get another dog until she's in high school. (Of course, our daughter is still very much a baby so once she gains more independence maybe I will change my mind about that length of time).

I have resolved, however, never to get a puppy again. I just don't have the patience. I will always adopt a dog a couple years old who will hopefully be done with the whole potty training thing.

Good luck if you decide to actually venture down that road!

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