I did a series of posts when I was trying to teach my daughter to sleep through the night.  They have the tag STTN, and are indexed below.

My plan from the beginning was cosleeping with my new baby.  I had bought a cosleeper, so she started the night out there and then ended up in my bed.  When I went back to work, we just bed shared all night long.  She nursed to sleep at bedtime, and nursed to sleep about every three hours all night long.  After about 10 months of this arrangement, I was ready for a break.  I was interested in night weaning but continuing to bedshare.  She, however, seemed interested in having her own space, so I went along with that.

Here is a list of posts detailing some research on sleeping that I did, how I developed our plan, and how I got her night weaned, sleeping through the night, in her own bed.

Where we started - there are several other posts with the STTN tag that chronicle our sleep difficulties and frequent night wakings, but I'm sure you get the idea without me having to link to each one.
Sleep Research
The Plan
The special chair and techniques that worked
Summary of what is working
It Worked!

Two websites I would suggest you check out - a physician that is pro-cosleeping writes about changing sleep patterns in the family bed.  And while I think this woman is crazy, her suggestion about having a jingle to sing was the technique that did the trick for us (after night weaning and moving bedtime nursing).

Good Luck!  Please feel free to email me at MommieV1 at gmail dot com, even if you just want to tell me you're up in the middle of the night!