Monday, January 17, 2011

Cover Post

So Jellybean Mama sent a whole bunch of people (okay, like three) over here, and didn't tell me.  And last night I was all like "I need to get laid, yo" and she was all like "I hope she's not a pervert who will molest me" and, well, I don't think those two posts really jived well.  So I have to write something else, so the three people that come over from JM don't send her private emails like "um, I don't think she's a man, but I totally wouldn't spend three days alone with her."

So, what to write?  I guess it's a good time to announce ... I'm applying for a new job.

It's not as big a deal as it sounds.  I'm applying for a Division Chair position at my current college.  I believe I will retain my tenure track status, so I can still be working toward tenure, even though I will be doing more administrative work and less teaching.  It is very similar to a position I held at my previous college, before the newly hired provost got inside my head and took a sledgehammer to my sense of identity and self-worth.  (More background here).

It is also only being advertised internally, so it is very possible that they already have a person selected or in mind, and this is all a dog-and-pony-show to put that person in place.  In any event, it will be practice interviewing, which I haven't had - other than to get my current job - in a couple of years, and it will send the signal to my college's administration that I would like to be considered for the administrative/leadership track.

But reading my recommendation letters is pretty uplifting.  Other than "walk on water" I think they pretty much have it covered.  :)

So I'm pretty excited about it.  My run-in with said provost left me pretty scarred.  It has taken me a while to do the appropriate self-examination, take the appropriate responsibility for my part in the disaster, but leave the rest squarely in her lap, and start to envision myself as a successful academic leader again.  I will say my views on some things have changed significantly, and I am much less naive.  I also recognize more that building professional relationships has to be intentional, and those relationships are the key to getting things accomplished in academia.  I think I will do an even better job this time around, and I'm excited about the opportunity.

I also learned my lesson about developing personal relationships with folks with whom you work.  I mean, it seems sensible, I know, but when you think he's your soulmate .... like I said, naive.

So, that's the news around here.

The crazy news is ... my kid grew.  Like, in two days she became bigger and older.  And L.O.U.D.E.R.  I guess that not-sleeping thing was, indeed, preceding a growth spurt/developmental leap.  She now talks in three word sentences, she knows "two", "five", "eight-nine-ten", and she has decided that she is now capable of doing absolutely everything on her own, so the "no" has become more frequent, emphatic, and have I mentioned louder yet?  Trying to feed her today was fun.  She requested cereal which she refused to eat.  She then requested "oatmee" which she ate one bite of.  I spent three hours trying to get her to eat anything and everything.  Finally she ate some fake chicken before her nap.

I feel like I spent the day with a whirling dervish and now that she's asleep I'm about to drop into bed myself.  But I had to cover up the "I need sex" post with something better.

That's as good as I've got!!


FruitFish said...

You poor thing!!!
Well I hope that you get the job, but if in fact they do have someone already picked for the position (and I know what that's like :( ) then like you said at least they know you are interested in that track!
Hoping you have a dreamless night ;)

Genkicat said...

Too funny - cover post! Love it. I hope you and JM have a wonderful weekend. I think it sounds fabulous.

Good luck with the job too. I'm sure you will be great.

Funky Mama Bird said...

Good luck in the job department! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I hate food strikes, but in our house the rule is, you eat what I serve you; I don't run a restaurant. So if he requests yogurt and doesn't eat it, or I serve him split pea soup and he doesn't eat it, either way, too bad, so sad, go hungry. I know that sounds mean, but he rarely refuses food he doesn't even like because of it.

Jellybean Mama said...

Ahahahaha. I thought it was hilarious that I was linking to you and you had that awesome 'I'm so damn horny' post up. Also, I'm mean.

I TOLD YOU GROWTH SPURT!!! Crazy, right? And don't fight the eating thing, it will make you insane. Many, many times after JR goes through a spurt she doesn't eat. Like, anything. Keep telling yourself they are not programmed to let themselves starve, and they are old enough to shake a box of something at you, and go on with your life.

And no, we do not always color coordinate, but I think it's funny so I do it sometimes. Because secretly I want to be that mom.

Fingers crossed for you for the job! And like you said, even if it's just an internal political thing, it's great practice and visibility, which is even more important career-wise.

MommieV said...

Yes, you did tell me growth spurt. And yes, you are mean. I think we're going to have an awesome time on vacay. Can't wait.

Has it ever occured to you that you ARE that mom? With your bento lunch boxes and her daily hair bows and your coordinated colors ....

I'll just tell you now, I am NOT that mom :)

Serifm said...

Except you coordinate your kid's diapers to her outfit. Just saying'.

hopefulcc said...

Good luck on the new position! You make a great point---even if it's not in the cards this time, it sends the message to the powers that be that you are ready for the next step up. (but fingers crossed it IS in the cards this time.)

And ps: you are definitely an impressive role model for C!

Mrs. Call Me Crazy said...

Good luck in the new J.O.B. Also, if you hate it, just email me your resume. I am an HR person in real life and I can find you something.

Also, your daughter and I have matching tiara's.