Monday, May 30, 2011

Even My Kid Hates Disposable Diapers

One Spring evening at the MommieV household:

The first time she took the sposie diaper off.

The second time, I came out from stirring supper to find this.

The third time. (It's a perfectly dry diaper, and I REALLY needed to do diaper laundry).

At least she pulled her shorts back up.  Mostly.

The fourth time, I gave up.

And put her in a Knickernappies side-snap pocket.

Hey, yo, look at me now!


FruitFish said...

I'm sure it wasn't fun as it was happening, but thank you for the LOL post. She is too cute for her own good ;)

MommieV said...

Whats really LOL is that at the same time I was telling her to pick her diaper up off the patio (a flat in a Thirsties cover, this time), my phone dinged that I had an email, and I was reading your comment.

It's like the circle of life or something. Or maybe that's how worm holes start.