Project Veg

I first posted this entry that talked about my confusion about healthy eating, my desire to eat more whole foods and cook less meat.

More recently I posted this hugely sappy entry that alluded to my asking a good friend for tips on cooking vegetarian meals for a small child.

The response to that post included requests for the information, so I asked said friend to do a guest post with some hints.  The first post is up, and she will do has done another with some recipes.

As a result of this friend's enthusiasm that cooking vegetarian for children is easy, and as a result of unearthing a cookbook in my basement with some vegetarian recipes in it, I decided to give it a try.  Hence, Project Vegetarian was born.

The posts about feeding my daughter before Project Vegetarian came along are labeled with the tag "feeding".  The posts about Project Vegetarian, while also labeled "feeding", have the tag "Project Veg".

The posts that will be about recipes - although there aren't any yet - will also have the tag "recipes".  I'm hoping that by using the various tags, folks might be able to find some information that they find useful, interesting, or just that supports them on their journey.

Mung Bean Soup
Vegetable Couscous
Tomato Coulis and Bruschetta

As always, if you have questions, requests, etc you can email me at MommieV1 at