Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Handwashing and Flats Challenge - Day 2


Kid is 24 pounds.  Cover is a M Thirsties sized cover.  Flat diaper is bunched in the bottom.  Had been on about half hour.

- The flat diaper, even folded, is thinner than any other diaper we have, including just hemp inserts.  Therefore even the size M Thirsties cover seems big on my 2 year old with nothing in it but a flat.  The Flip cover worked better, mostly because I snapped it to a smaller setting than we normally use.  I wish my Econobum covers hadn't been misplaced - I bet those would be awesome to use with flats.  For now, my cover recommendation is a snap Flip. 

Much trimmer, and keeps the flat in place better.
The up side to the thinness is the trimmest looking fluffy bum on the planet.  The down side - see next.

- The first flat of the morning only lasted an hour.  Sure, the diapers are cheap, but it looks like we're in for a day of hourly changes, and that's going to get old fast.  Also is going to use twice as many diapers, so where is the cost savings?  We got up at 7 and at 8:05 she had pulled her diaper off and left it on her play ironing board chanting "wet, wet, I wet mommie". 

Pantless kid on right.  Wet diaper in cover on ironing board.  She was done with flats by this point.  It was 10 am.
Yes, this does bode well for potty training.  And no, I'm not one of those people that wants their kid to sit in the same diaper for hours at a time.  But when you're used to getting two hours out of a hemp prefold, one hour until soaking of a flat is annoying.  If you don't want leaks, you're going to have to change every hour.

- Later in the day, we went to our photographer so I could get a passport photo taken.  I was trying to watch the clock, knowing that her diaper wouldn't last the entire time we were there.  I always try to present cloth diapering in a positive light when I'm out in public.  I always try to set a positive example and let others know it is possible to use cloth diapers - even when "out and about" - with minimal hassle and fuss.  I couldn't do that if I were using flats all the time.  I could barely do it today when I was watching the clock and inconveniencing myself in the name of the flats challenge.  There's no way I could do that for 2+ years. 

I'm interested to see what the other mommies are writing about Day 2.  Maybe it's because my kid is no longer a newborn, but there are so many more quality, and still affordable, diapering options that are more reasonable to use.


Funky Mama Bird said...

I'm going to chime in and say we had the same experience at 11 months old - went through a flat an hour or there were leaks.

Considering the fact that newborns are sleepy little things and that slightly older babies may take two and three hour naps right after eating... I'm going out on a limb and saying that unless you double them up (which doubles the cost and the amount of laundry) you will be changing your kid around the clock AND dealing with naptime and nightime leaks.

Serifm said...

Love the saggy butt picture!