Saturday, October 8, 2011

Light The Night

Since moving home, I've joined up with a women's group that includes some ladies I haven't hung out with since high school.  One project the group supports is the Light The Night Walk to support Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  So, off the Wee One and I go to support the group and hang with old (meaning, "long time" not that we're all that old) friends.

Wearing my Nu Zeta hat

Never mind, didn't want to wear my hat after all!

But I'll cheese for the camera!

Let's go!

Babywearing rocks!


Our banner.  Obviously the children had quite a bit of input into its creation.

Admiring his handiwork.

More friends came to support.

In the sling.

The river is so pretty.

Once the sun started going down, we had to bundle up.
How many shades of pink can I put on a single kid?  Let me try ...

So my kid?  Can charm anything off of anyone.  She walked up to a woman that didn't speak English and got  part of a cereal bar.  She then moved on to another group and got a cupcake and a chocolate bar for her smiles and charm.  I am SO in trouble with this one.

Yay, cupcake.

So then we walked a couple of miles, went home and had cookies at Jenny's house.

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