Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Handwashing Flats Challenge (Edited)


Have you heard about this?  The environmental lover in me has been dying to do this - buy a bunch of flats and hang them to dry to save money and energy.  Now here's some motivation.
It's only one week (May 23-30).  You can buy flats cheap (and use them for household rags if it doesn't work for you afterward).  Do it!!!  You can still use modern covers.  You can still use your normal nighttime routine if flats don't work for you for that aspect.  It's a great project.
I'm a little miffed that you can only join the linky if you're not in daycare.  My daycare requires a one-piece diaper, so we use pockets for daycare.  I can completely understand not participating in the survey - you want a certain population of subjects when doing any kind of research.  I get that.  But to eliminate a group of people from the conversation because they are not in the circumstances to do it full time?  Do you think all your low income families that are the target of your project are stay-at-home moms?  You're letting people use whatever they want for nighttime, but you're not letting mamas join the linky if they don't use the flats all day every day?
But I'm not annoyed enough to not participate and tell everyone who will read about it.  And I encourage everyone to give it a shot.  This is the one kind of cloth diaper I haven't tried, and I'm excited about it!


Serifm said...

Is it totally cheating if I just use the prefolds I already have? That seems more economical and environmentally friendly than buying new diapers for a week.

MommieV said...

The challenge is supposed to prove how cheap/easy it is to cloth diaper and handwash. If you handwash your prefolds, then I think you would be in line with the intent of the meme. I'm game to try since we will be totally out of cloth diapers soon (unless I have another baby in the near future ...) and they're cheap to try.