Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Second Birthday Party!

The party was a huge success.  I don't think I mentioned it last year, but there was some ... issues with ordering the cake.  This year, I was determined to order the cake myself.  I waited a little longer than I should have, but when I went in to order it, we came up with an awesome design.  Which turned into an awesome cake.  Which set the tone for an awesome party!
OMG!  The cake!!!!!


Wonderful weather!

Besties are the best!!!!!
 So I was pulling casseroles out of the oven, and my mom asked me to come out front.  We'd had a conversation about having The Bubble Truck come, which I thought wasn't going to work out.  And then he pulled into the driveway!!!
The big kids were getting into it!


More bubbles!

A book about the BUBBLE TRUCK.  Signed by Sonny!  How great is that???
She got the section with Boots!

Eating the cake.

Making our own bubbles after the bubble truck left.

One tired girl!

What an awesome party.  Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate! 


Anonymous said...

You are the Bomb Mom!!!! This was a great party and all the trimmings were incredible. She is so lucky to have a Mom like you!!!! Love you, Nan

FruitFish said...

Oh how fun! And love the piece of cake she got ;)

Serifm said...

Best party ever!

Anonymous said...

Love the cake and love the bubble truck!

Jellybean Mama said...


Also, I would like a piece of cake with Boots on it, pls.

This makes me tired just thinking about Jelly's party. Uggh. WAIT TIL YOU SEE WHAT STUPIDITY I BOUGHT.