Thursday, September 22, 2011

Riverboat Taxi, Day Two

We decided to try the riverboat taxi again.  One because my kid thought it was fun, and two to continue to support it.  It costs them somewhere over $800 to run the thing, and they are only charging $1 a trip to roughly 50 people in the mornings and up to 100 people some afternoons.  As POTUS said, "it's math".

I brought my real camera this time, so no out-of-focus cell phone picture.  Nope, not this time.

Except maybe for this one ...

Less scared on this trip.

We took the earlier riverboat trip, which meant we were at the trolley stop before the trolley started running.  I had the sling with me this morning, so I could have worn her in a carrier - which would have helped the 8 block walk to her daycare.  But we had some time, so I decided that we would wait for the trolley.

Waiting at the trolley stop.

And by "waiting" I mean "running in circles singing Ring Around The Rosies"

She decided she was cold, so we dug her jacket and Babylegs out of her bag.

On the trolley.

After dropping her off, I walked the four blocks to campus to teach my classes.  I felt all smug for using public transportation that day, until I remembered that I had made an appointment with a student at my Downtown campus office - 7 blocks away.  So I walked to the DT campus, then walked to fetch her from daycare.  A healthy 15 block walk - when I'm used to 0.  So the bones of my lower body were quite glad that I had foregone the morning walk up 4th street.

Too Cool For School

Why yes, she is wearing a Dora dress, a Dora jacket, and carrying a Dora backpack.  What?

Waiting on the trolley.

In all of it, I didn't have a pic of the actual, you know, TROLLEY.


Safely back home again in Indiana.

Bye Bye Riverboat
They are only going to run the riverboat for another week.  It actually isn't that helpful for the problems that exist with traffic.  The Sherman Minton bridge doesn't usually carry Jeffersonville commuters, it carries New Albany commuters and those coming down from the Knobs and points north.  The locks separate the New Albany riverfront from the 4th Street Wharf where the riverboat docks, so the boat can't actually service the people that are affected by the bridge - at least not conveniently.

But I'm glad they gave it a try, and I'm glad we got to try it out. 

The first post on the riverboat taxi is here.

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