Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why I Haven't Written

I got writers block.  And download-the-pictures-from-the-camera-block.  But mostly?

I-don't-want-to-brag block.

Because you see, my kid pretty much potty trained herself overnight, leaving me no time to write angsty posts, develop a plan (like I did for sleeping), show you photos of all our cute cloth training pants, tell you about the amazing invention that got her to pee on a public toilet, or rant about the books that I found to be unhelpful.

So ... what else was there to write about?  Other than "hey, my kid woke up one day and started using the potty and ... well, that's about it."

I originally started this blog to be a scrapbook of sorts.  Actually, I lie.  I started this blog to get extra entries in free cloth diaper giveaways.  Seriously, now the cat is out of the bag.  But then I decided it would be a good scrapbook, and a way to get feedback on some of my crazy thoughts.  I didn't want it to be one big giant bitch session, and that's kindof how I thought it was going.  So I took a vacation.

But I miss blogging.  Sure, I miss bitch sessions.  But I also miss sharing crazy events in our lives, too.  If only to have them someplace where my kid can be humiliated by them enjoy reading them later in her life.

Besides, I am taking a riverboat and a trolley to work tomorrow, and I know I'll have alot to say about that.

Added: I finally got the photos downloaded off the camera, so I am writing posts like a mad woman.  Also, I am breaking a cardinal rule of blogging - I am backdating posts.  So that I don't go looking for the photos of my kid at the zoo in July and can't find them - because they weren't posted until the end of September.  Unethical blogging?  Possibly. So shoot me.

So if you want to catch up on all the new posts, start with July 19th and work your way forward.

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