Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grocery Shopping

When we go to Whole Foods, usually the kids carts are all being used (because they have like ONE of them).  So I keep thinking "we need to bring our own".  But I always forget.

Then when mom and I were discussing going to the grocery, the kid politely reminded us by running to her room to get her grocery cart.

We stowed it in the trunk and went to the grocery.

Next time, I'll wait to give it to her until we get into the store.  I was trying to help her steer through fast-moving cars in the parking lot while she yelled "No, Mine!  My grocery cart!  You no touch!  Mine!"

But she pushed that thing through the entire grocery store.  Through the line (Mommie paid) and then back out through the parking lot.

Bananas, fruit juice, chips.  Ice cream in-hand.  What more is there in life?

Have I mentioned how big she's getting?


Melissa said...

Oh that is too cute!

FruitFish said...

What fun!!! When I shop with my sister we have two carts. My oldest niece always insists that it's "mommy's turn" to push her. So the poor one year old is always stuck with aunt ;) Never thought to bring a small cart, but then the three year old would be running with it at top speed up and down aisles!