Monday, July 18, 2011

I Made A Magic Mountain

Anyone who follows my Twitter stream has figured out that I watch The Rachel Maddow Show most weeknights.  Like most fangirls, I also contribute to the online conversation about the show, using the #maddow hashtag.

A couple of weeks ago (July 1, actually), as her "Best New Thing In The World", she invited some folks from Iowa who own a restaurant to make their specialty on her show: something called the Magic Mountain.  (There's some connection to an Obama town hall and ... the details are in the podcast).

A Magic Mountain is a piece of Texas Toast with meat, french fries, cheese sauce, and onions (to look like snow on top).  If you put chili on top, it's called a Volcano.

OMG.  I craved one for like, three days before I could get to the store and get the stuff to make one.  If I had picked up a can of vegetarian chili, this could even be a Project Veg recipe.  But its not.

I used the Texas Toast I had in the fridge, which has cheese on it.  I mean, you can never have too much cheese, right?

Fries.  I didn't put the meat, b/c at this point I thought I was doing this veg.

Melted cheese (I didn't have sauce, sorry).

Onions, to look like "snow" on the mountain.

Okay, it looks really awful.  But it was SOOO good.


FruitFish said...

Rats,I'm already hungry :( Guess I'll just have to have popcorn instead of cheese and breads--glorious cheese and breads!!!

Billy said...

(can't find an e-mail address to cantact you at..)
Just wanted to ask you about the pictures you put, more so about the texts that go with the picrtures [caption] - HOW do you do it??
I've added a new page (which I'm going to delete as I've opened a new blog, and on the new page I can add caption notes, but not in my main blog (both old and new ones).
Thanks (you can e-mail me at - greentamsha AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk)

Allison said...

Hi! I was trying to email you back about the thirty one products, but I can't seem to find your email. It now links to noreply blogger and it will just bounce back to me. Anyway, please email me back if you are still interested! Thanks!