Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two By Two

A good friend of Nan's has 8 grandchildren, varying in ages from getting ready for college to starting solid foods.  One of the activities this friend does with one of her younger grandchildren is a summer program at the zoo designed for two-year-olds and a caregiver.  My mom couldn't wait for the summer the Wee One turned two so they could enroll in Two By Two At The Zoo.

Ready to go, Day 1

Waiting for pickup, Week 2.By then we had received our special too-big shirt to wear.

 So, after a couple of weeks, the novelty wore off for my mom. She had conflicting plans, so the third week Grandpa and Mommie took Wee One to Two By Two.

 After we did the program and saw some animals, we did some sightseeing around the zoo.  Which mostly consisted of posing for photos.

The last week had too many time conflicts - I was back at work for fall semester, and Nan had something come up.  But Wee One seemed to really enjoy her summer trips to the zoo.

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