Friday, July 1, 2011

So Big!

"Our" photography studio offers birthday parties, which are so much fun.  They're geared toward girls in the tween/teen age range.  Miss Lori gives the girls free reign in the camera room to try on tutus and other costumes, and she snaps individual and group photos.  Like this one:

Did you notice the small child in the bottom left corner of the photo?

This particular party was the daughter of a close family friend.  So we headed to the studio, mostly (I thought) to observe the party.  But the girls all love my Wee One, so she just got absorbed into the festivities like one of the bigger girls.

How big is the Wee One?  SO BIG!

She got to wear angels wings and be in all the group pictures.

And she even got some affection from the birthday girl's dad.

(She's so big.! I can't believe she was so well behaved at a 12-year-old's birthday party!)

You can see more of the photos from the party here.  There are some more adorable ones of the youngest partier.  There are also some outside photos that will be added at a later time. have been added.  Go look at them!  The ones of the group with this little tiny kid in the middle are so adorable (even if it is MY little tiny kid that's so freaking cute)!

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Melissa said...

That is such a good idea for a party! And yes, your wee one is cute.