Friday, January 14, 2011

Delurk! Delurk!

It's Delurking Day!  That means all you peeps who come by and read periodically but don't comment, now is your chance!!!!!

So please leave me a comment.  I am so curious about the folks reading that I don't know.  I can tell from the stats that you're coming and reading.  Please leave a note about yourself.

And not just today!  Commit to delurking!!!

Other tidbits:

The semester is off to a fabulous start.  Having everything prepared ahead of time really has taken a load off.  Oh, and not teaching an overload helps too.  Not in the bank account department, but you know.

What else?

I'll announce this here, and see how long it takes my mom to mention it to me, and I'll know if she's been reading the blog.  I'm going on vacation.  For the President's Day weekend.  With Jellybean Mama and JR.  And I am so freaking excited I can't even wait.  Even though it means a 14 hour drive in a car with a toddler, and peeing by the side of the road if she's asleep, according to the aforementioned JM.  We are going to swim in an indoor lazy river, and ... well, probably do that some more.  If she lets me, I'll probably sleep on a float in that indoor lazy river.  SO stoked. 

Other items of note:

1.  Allergy shots suck.  Actually, it's the getting there before they close, waiting the half hour after getting them, and trying to do all that in time for dinner at a reasonable hour that sucks more (but the two needles in the arms of my toddler isn't exactly a picnic, no matter how good she is or how many bath ducks they give her.)

2.  What potty books do you guys recommend?  I have to buy a new potty chair - or the seat that Funky Mama Bird recommended - because she totally doesn't like the potty we have.  But she tells me when she needs to be changed, usually only poops once (maybe twice) a day, and goes for periods staying dry, so I think we're close to being ready for training.  I have Dinosaur vs the Potty, and a Scholastic one.  If you're ever bored, you should get on Amazon and look up potty videos, and spend time reading what parents have written on the reviews.  The ones that are the best are the ones that bitch for three paragraphs about the parent's view of the video, then end with "but my kid loves it, started using the potty right away, and we're totally out of diapers".  Hmmm, perhaps leading with that, more relevant, information is a better idea than your personal hell at listening to the annoying songs.

3.  I finally decided that I was willing to adopt the cat that I found online, only to find out that he's not available.  Adopted, thankfully, not the other outcome.  Minorly disappointed.  So I'm looking for another cat.  Maybe Spring Break will be a good time to bring a kitty home.

4.  The randomness of this post is brought to you by bottled Stella Artois, now being carried by my local supermarket.

Photos of my kid:

Okay, now you can comment.  I've given you all the fodder I have at the moment.


Funky Mama Bird said...

There are two potty books at the library that we looked through briefly that I am planning on bringing home next week. All I know is that the toddler gets to poke a button in one of them and make a flushing sound. Big hit around here, let me tell you. ;) Poke me in a week and I'll let you know if they are any good. ;)

We do own (and LOVE) Once Upon a Potty, but I'm not sure it will work for you because it puts BIG emphasis on BOTH parents being there. However, Gunne loves it and is obsessed with being "Just like Joshua".

Good luck!

Jessica said...

I'll de-lurk. I lurk at Jellybean Mama too (came there from choicemoms) and came to your blog from hers. The joys of tiptoeing across the interwebs!

I'm a potential single mom. I've had 4 IUIs and am trying to decide about IVF next. If I go to IVF I'll have to find someone to buy my kidney to pay for it. Plus lose 20 pounds, according to the doctor. Happy thoughts, right?

Anyway, love the blog and peeking into the life of a grown-up single mom. Have a great vacation!

MommieV said...

OMG, I'm a grownp? How'd that happen?

Hi Jessica! I've also crawled from blog to blog, it's actually a great way to meet people with similar interests. I need to update my sidebar, there's a few more SMC's that I want to add. You should read Hopeful - she's currently pregnant after IUIs.

FruitFish said...

Thank you for more pics of your adorable girlie!
My sister has two cheer for me potty's for my niece. One upstairs and one downstairs. You can tell when she has to go now, besides being bummed that she has to leave playing to go potty, she loves to make the potty sing to her and can sing along with it :) I was looking at the baby bjorn one, but I'll check around here to see what else is a hit :) When she comes over to my house I just hold her on the big girl potty and she does fine.

Jellybean Mama said...

Like, omg, HI!'

I'm not a lurker since I comment all the time and everyone is like, 'ugh, here's Jellybean Mama AGAIN, man she loves to hear herself type'. However, it's my internet and I can post if I want to.

MINI BREAK! I can't wait. I hope you and your precious daughter are looking forward to sharing your room with a pasty, overweight, mid-50's guy with a comb-over who lives at his parents' and collects vintage Holly Hobby dolls. Fingers crossed that's what you are too!

Serifm said...

You sound a little like Walt Whitman here:

Undrape! you are not guilty to me, nor stale nor discarded,
I see through the broadcloth and gingham whether or no,
And am around, tenacious, acquisitive, tireless, and
cannot be shaken away.

hopefulcc said...

So happy your going on a mini break with JellyBean Mama! You absolutely deserve it and the girls will have the best time (you girls, and the little girls.)

Anonymous said...


Well I have been trying to post a comment. This is like my fourth attempt. Hopefully it will go throug. I really like your blog. I have had a few laughs reading it. I am thinking of becoming a single mother myself. It is nice to know there is a big community of people doing the same thing.