Monday, March 21, 2011

Do You Think Dawn Will Work?

I've been going through my kid's clothes.  It's a very long story, one that I have composed a blog post on in my head.  Just suffice it to say that I have way too many clothes for my kid, and I've been trying to organize things so that seasonal stuff that actually fits at this point can fit in the damn closet.

In the process, I have found some really cute stuff.  Stuff that we have been given, stuff that my mom has bought, cute, cute stuff.  My dear, beloved cousing gave me a ton of girl stuff when Wee One was tiny.  Meanwhile, my mom has gone outlet mall shopping a couple of times and found some bargains.  I had them all separated by size in totes in the basement.  Finally, we are getting into the 18- and 24- month items.

Some of the clothes are really nice.  They are things we have been given, or things we caught on sale.  I've been trying to keep them really nice.

Today my Wee One was wearing a particularly cute (and expensive) top.  White, with pink embroidered roses on the collar.  Hartstrings brand, which, even when bought at the outlet mall, are still expensive.  So I've been trying to take care of it (not easy for a slob like me with a toddler like her).

Tonight for dinner we met the 'rents at our favorite mexican restaurant.  I kept her jacket on-and-zipped to avoid having to get tomato-based salsa out of the expensive top.

Then we came home.  I really wanted to watch the episode of PTI that discussed the firing of Bruce Pearl (off topic, sorry).  I was watching TV, she was brushing her teeth ...

Then she was quiet.  Too quiet. 

I went to investigate.

And found ...

How do you get lipstick out of an expensive cotton t-shirt?  Regular soap got it off her skin eventually, and a wipe got it off the sink.  The white cotton?  I'm afraid might be a little more difficult.

All advice welcome ....

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Funky Mama Bird said...

I have had really good luck getting stains out of Gunne's clothes with vinegar, just letting them soak a bit first, then using it again in the rinse cycle. Some stains it doesn't remove entirely, but it gets them so you have to squint and look hard.

Otherwise, we use such pansy-ass detergent due to his allergies that I can't get anything clean!