Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Day

At the Wee One's daycare, they have started learning about colors.  Each week they learn about a different color.  On Wednesday of the week they are supposed to take in a magazine photo featuring the week's color, and then on Thursday they are supposed to wear the week's color.  Last week was red.  I was so absolutely stoked that I didn't forget, and that I got my kid to school wearing Red on Thursday, that I forgot to take photos.

This week's color is Green, to coincide nicely with today's holiday and celebration theme.  (No, not basketball.)

I remembered the camera!!!!!

And without further ado, the most precious little leprechaun in the entire world:
She keeps running.  Away.  I can't seem to get a shot other than her back.
Finally, a side shot.  No time to get down to her level.

Yes, I know that cow print babylegs don't match the zebra print skirt but noone else in the whole world seemed bothered by it.

Then this afternoon was a party at snack time.

Her two besties

The guy in the middle is talked about all the time.

Op, now she's off to play!


Funky Mama Bird said...

I LOVE that skirt. Love it. I deliberately dressed my red-headed boy in blue yesterday to avoid repeated comments of, "Look at the Irish Baby!" Luckily, we weren't going anywhere where people cared!

FruitFish said...

Oh my gosh they are all adorable :) Love her outfit (and she is the most adorable btw, in case you didn't know ;) )