Monday, March 14, 2011


I have so many cute pics of my kid on my camera.  I was trying to get video of her singing the ABC song, and she got reeeeeally tired of it and knocked the camera out of my hand.  That jammed the lens.  My parents fixed it while we were on vacation (lucky for me I had a decent cell phone camera and a personal photographer Jellybean Mama).  I took some photos at the park this weekend (see previous post) and of cleaning out my car (see next post), and then downloaded them.  Tons of cuteness here.

Getting ready for vacation.  Or the Miss America pageant.  One of the two.
She loves the dress from Aunt Patti.  And mugging for the camera.
Yea, what did I say about the mugging?
I don't normally dress my kid in crazy clashing nightclothes.  It prevents good sleep.  Sometimes, tho, you grab what's handy and pray.
Some lucky local people are getting this particular invitation (not with the identifying information concealed, however, that would defeat the whole point.)  Guess what our theme is.  Go on, guess.

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