Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still Alive and Kicking

Yes, we are still alive.  The kid had a major sickness, then I had a major sickness, that included antibiotics for a sinus infection.  It's been loads of fun around here.  And since I made a little mini-vow not to do too much complaining on the blog about the weather and about sicknesses, well, there wasn't much else to write about.

Meanwhile, taking two master's-level online classes about various aspects of higher education has not been a picnic at all.  On top of that, I have become weeks behind on grading, and given that there are big time questions on student evaluations related to that, it could very well affect my tenure status after next year. 

In addition, there are some festering personal things that have become stumbling blocks.  I am perpetually worried about money.  I didn't realize just how expensive the expensive daycare was until I didn't have my overload class to help pay for it.  Rather than take the summer off to relax with my kid, I'm going to be teaching two online classes to try to bank money for the fall.  I'm struggling with some things related to relating to my mom and dad.  There are some boundary issues that were easier to deal with when I lived 100 miles away.  Now that I'm only 5 doors down from them, there are some glaring issues that I feel unequipped to deal with.  (Like, my dad canNOT leave my freaking mailbox alone.  Every time he walks past it - daily, with the dog - he has to check to get my mail for me.  I know he's just trying to help.  But dude, mail can be personal!)  The third issue I've been mulling is my weight and my skin issues.  I have gained about 20 pounds since weaning C in October and I have developed some kind of skin affliction.  Scheduling OB/GYN and dermatologist appointments has been on my mind and my to-do list for months.  I just keep changing the due date in Toodle-do.

So between not really having the time to write, and feeling like if I'm going to write, it should be one of the things due twice weekly for my classes, or if I have time then I should grade, and feeling totally run down with various sicknesses and infections, and then having emotional stress limiting what I write about ...

So there you have it.  My litany of excuses.

The one bright spot?  My girl.  She's wonderful.  Even when she's sick she's wonderful.  She sings the entire ABC song now, in addition to being able to count 1-10.  They're starting on colors in her room at daycare, which is something she REALLY needs help with.  I am worried she may be colorblind, until I remind myself that she is Not Quite 2Yet.  Then I relax.  But that's what the expensive daycare has paid for, yo.  Teaching my kid numbers and letters and potty peer pressure.

The other mamas all wanted to move their girls up, so I went along with the crowd.  She has been visiting the other room twice last week.  She's okay with it, but she still talks about Ms. Danielle.  I think she was more attached to Ms. Danielle than I realized,  She's doing fine, and she has done well with all her transitions so far, and once all her friends are moved over to the new room I think she'll feel better.  But she knows there's a change afoot, and she's kindof been asking about it.  And her TOTALLY CHANGE-AVERSE mother has been trying to act like it's totally no big deal.

She babbles all the time, she LOVES to write (hello, mini-me!) so she begs for paper and pens or pencils.  She talks to herself while she writes, and she's just so dang adorable when she does it that I can't even get mad when one of her shirts gets ruined with ink when neither of us are paying enough attention to what she's doing.

This week is my Spring Break, but I'll be working.  My tenure notebook is due on Monday the 21st, and I have two papers and two discussion board posts to write for my classes.  In addition to grading, which is still my third priority, unfortunately.  Aaaaaand two posts for Our Mommyhood which are two days overdue at this point (I have drafts!).  My goal is to feel caught up by the end of the week, so I can concentrate on planning a certain 2nd birthday party, doing some spring cleaning, and making some doctor appointments for us both.

So we're here, just plugging away at the grind.  I'll try to be better about keeping in touch.  Even if it does mean some complaints :)


hopefulcc said...

So glad you're back! But sorry about all the funkiness going on right now. Sounds like you have a good plan to catch up - and I have no doubt you will.

And C is turning 2 already?!! time is flying!

FruitFish said...

I imagine you looking like Cathy right now with the little sweat beads popping off of her and "Acckk!" escaping from her lips.
So sorry you've been dealing with so many stressful things right now :( I do hope that you get caught up to where you want to be during Spring Break.

Laraf123 said...

I know exactly how it is when everything seems to be on your plate at once. What's that saying, "I take things one day at a time, but lately several days have ganged up on me"? Boundary issues with my dad just cropped up again this evening and I thought we were well past that. So I hear ya. Hope it gets better soon!

Funky Mama Bird said...

Glad to see you post! Sorry to hear about all the sickness, etc.

I hope you start feeling on top of things soon.