Thursday, June 30, 2011

Best Easy Summer Dinner Ever

Okay, so I had to complement the previous post with this recipe from tonight's dinner, since this is much more representative of what we've been eating for dinner.

The genesis for this recipe:

1.  I had "cooking onions" that I bought at the farmer's market last weekend.

2.  Jellybean Mama made a great looking hobo supper for the big campout last weekend.

3.  I didn't want to heat up the house by cooking inside so I was looking for something to make on the grill.  Other than meat (for that, see the previous recipe).

So while at the grocery last night, I picked up little red potatoes, baby carrots, and chocolate milk.  The latter item is not essential for this recipe, but is essential for the well-being of my household :)

Tonight I made a little foil packet of the chopped farmer's market onions, red potatoes, and baby carrots.  I added a bit of olive oil and butter, then trimmed some herbs from the garden (marjoram and oregano, but I think marjoram and thyme would have been better.  No thyme in my garden.  Le sigh.)  I didn't feel like getting the leaves off the stems and chopping them, so they went in whole (just push them to the side when you open up the packet).  Salt and pepper.  Grill for 30 minutes.

I thought I might want something to make it a bit more hearty.  While grilling, I found some awesome cheese in the fridge that I got at Whole Foods last week (Havarti with Dill, how freaking awesome is that?).  So in the last few minutes of cooking, I put a thin slice of that on top.

It doesn't heat the house up, but DOES make your house smell like you've cooked  a gourmet meal when you open that packet up and dish up some steaming veggies.


The big space is the huge spoonful that became my dinner.

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