Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Genius

Okay, I hope Miss Lori forgives me for this.  This violates every kind of copyright violation, I know.  I hope she doesn't stop posting our photos on FB after this.  But I just HAD to show you ...

My girl.  I simply love this arrangement of all these photos together.  Seriously, if you're planning to vacation in the Southern Indiana area this summer (because, I mean, it's the place to go, right?) then please go see her.  Tell her we sent you.  (Ignore the large photo collage of my kid in the lobby.)

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MommieV said...

I am so lucky to have this kid. And I say that after getting only 5 hours of sleep with said kid in my bed dreaming and crying in her sleep and wanting to crush my trachea with her head.

Lori Reeder said...

My attorney will be contacting you shortly. hehehehe - Love you, girl - and that beautiful girl of yours!