Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The BFF's Birthday

Not my BFF, the Wee One's BFF.  Had a birthday at a local bouncy-party place.

It was a big hit, let me tell you.

Waiting in the lobby:

In one of the bouncy houses in the bouncy room:

And video:

All the BFFs had the same blue face!

Birthday Girl in the police car, My Girl in the other car.  I mentioned that running into a police car isn't a good idea.  General life lesson one should always teach their kids, no?

My kid LOVED the cars.

She did eventually leave the car for the slide.

Okay, so we had also received an invitation to the wedding of a close family friend.  I had hemmed and hawed about our attendance - I wasn't sure how we would feel after the BFF party, so I hadn't made any promises.  But we (by that I mean the Wee One) seemed like we were up for it, so away we went.

We changed clothes in the car into appropriate wedding attire:

What a day.  Happy Birthday to the Wee One's Best Friend.  Best wishes to the Happy Couple!  And I got to catch up on some sleep this morning!  Much to be thankful for!

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Esperanza said...

Um, that bouncy house place looks AWESOME! Can I come next time?