Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daycare Derby Parade

One year ago she couldn't walk, couldn't talk, and had just started adjusting to being at daycare three days a week.

This year, she got mad at me for picking her up early because she wanted to go to the playground with her friends.

This morning was the annual Derby Parade at my kid's daycare.  This year her class wore Derby hats.  I made a valiant attempt worked on it for all of 5 minutes then handed it off to my much craftier mother who doesn't cuss when she makes things.  So the cute hat in the photos below was all her.  Leave any desired compliments in the comments.

Posing for the teacher's photo

Last year she was in this crowd.

but just look at her now!

An attempt at a self-portrait

Lining up

Our friend Poppy - this is her first week at daycare, which might be why she looks so grumpy.  I gave her mommy my phone and email today.  Monday I promised her it gets better.  By Friday I may need to buy her a drink.

The Boy.

You know, it's really hard to walk, hold hands, stay in pace with everyone in the rope line, AND take a decent picture.

This girl was in last year's post too, go look.  She's still adorable.

 Out at the street, we must all stop to take photos and video.

This is what my kid thinks about that.

She's a doll, isn't she?

The Director.

Wee One's bestie, and her mommie.  By this point it was windy and really cold.  We were all huddling up.

It's amazing when a building full of people clap for your kid just because they think she's cute.

Taking jackets off for lunch.  It was a successful parade!

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