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Diapers for Sale

This is still a work in progress!!  I am trying to find links to photos of action shots of my kid. 

I thought I would give some of our MommieV and Wee One faithful readers the first shot at some of the diapers we have for sale.  I will update this post as items are sold, so if there is strikethrough text you'll know.

The prices that I have listed include the cost of shipping to anywhere in the US.  So if I have a diaper listed as $5 and you paypal me $5 you'll get the diaper in your mailbox.  That's the benefit to being a buyer.  The benefit to being a seller is knowing that you're helping other cloth diapering mamas.  If you buy more than one diaper, I will of course combine shipping.  If you were to want to buy, say, everything is one big box I would give you a discount.  And a big fat kiss.  If you're not a US mama, I will still ship to you, but we might need to work out the details of the shipping.  I will only ship to the address on your paypal account, in line with paypal policies.

I have a couple of diapers listed as FFS (free for shipping).  They will be free if you buy any other diaper with them, if you just want that diaper, let me know and I will weigh and tell you what shipping is. 

First up: Woolies.  The shorties and longies have been hand washed and lanolized and are ready to wear.

These wool shorties are a size M.  Measurements are: waist 8 in (unstretched), hip 10 in (unstretched), 2 in inseam.  Asking $8.

These longies are also size M.  Waist 8 inches, hips 9 inches, seen on my kid here.  These probably could use a good shave.  Asking $10.

This is a felted wool diaper cover.  This was too small for my kid when we received it.  Felted wool doesn't stretch much, but I have heard felted wool is bulletproof as an overnight cover.  Waist is about 6.5 inches.  It's about 9 inches at the widest point, just above the leg holes.  I have not washed/lanolinized these since they were never worn by us. 

Pockets:  These are most likely not going to come with the original inserts.  If you think I'm that organized you give me far too much credit.  Besides, the ones I bought used or on clearance/outlet didn't come with any inserts to begin with.  I have tons of inserts - if you want one let me know and I'll send one with it.  It just might not be the same brand as the diaper.

RumpARooz onesize pocket diaper, Hoot Owl print.  In great shape, not used much, no stains.  Asking $10.

Fuzzi Bunz, size L (the original with the pointy tabs), light green color.  Well loved, but elastic is still in good shape.  I bought this used when we still used these as our nighttime diaper, but it was big for my wee one. $5
 Another Fuzzi Bunz, size L, I think the next iteration with the not so pointy tabs.  Pink Gingham print.  Same story as above. $5

Periwinkle Fuzzi Bunz, size S, which is bigger than it sounds.  Bought new by us, still in great condition.  Wouldn't it be great if I took a photo of the outside too?  You can see it on my kid here, majorly stuffed for nighttime.

These diapers have never been worn.  They were bought on outlet clearance and are too big.  They are Drybees pockets size Large.  The first one is White with ruffles on the butt.  The second one is a print and the third one is peach.  Asking $12 each. 

Happy Heineys.  I have one pale pink and one pale purple.  I have original inserts (a large one and a newborn one) for one of the diapers.  Hardly worn, no stains, asking $12 for the one with no inserts, $14 for the one with two inserts.  First come, first served on the inserts, be sure to be specific about color and if you want the inserts.


Fitteds:  These are not waterproof, so they will need a diaper cover.  Several of these can be seen on my kid at this post.

This diaper is FFS (free for shipping) or just free if you're buying another diaper.  It was made by a WAHM (work at home mom) who was going out of business.  I love the giraffe print and I loved the absorbency of this diaper, so we wore it into the ground.  There is a small hole in the cotton lining and the velcro is gone on one side.  If you're handy and can sew a patch of velcro on, you will love this diaper.  It is perfect for naps because it is so absorbent.  Bamboo inner.

Bumgenius Bamboo Fitteds.  These are a discontinued style.  I had a bunch of these that I used when she was a newborn and bought these to use under woolies.  Unfortunately that was toward the end of last winter, and this winter we didn't use woolies much.  They haven't been used alot and are still nice and squishy and soft.  These are a very high quality fitted diaper.  These have no stains are in great condition. Asking $8 each.

Kissaluvs size 1s (cotton sherpa).  We adored our KL0s for newborn fitteds, and these are the next size up.  Kisslauvs has come out with a new version of their fitteds - these are the old version.  I have 5 of them.  They are in good condition - they aren't as soft as brand new, but there aren't any stains and the snaps and elastic are in good shape.  Asking $5 each.

Mandi's Menagerie (hemp and bamboo): These are three "fitteds" - I use the quotes because these do not have any kind of fastener.  These are snappi-able, but I always just used them inside covers and they worked great.  They are made by a WAHM who sells (well, these are an old style) them on Hyenacart.  They are S/M size, and have a bamboo/hemp insert inside.  I used the inserts for a long time as boosters for a microfiber insert for nighttime.  They were awesome.

Tiny Tush fitted.

Lavendar edged Goodmama (bamboo velour).  I wondered what the huge craze about Goodmamas was.  These are super soft and very absorbent fitteds.  Ended up being kindof bulky for my taste, but rock for naps or under woolies.  These fitteds retail for $30.  Asking $10.

If you're going for expensive fitteds, skip the Goodmamas and go for these.  Made by a Canadian mama, these are Bububebe fitteds and I adore them with all my heart.  I'm starting to get sad that we're going to be out of diapers soon. 

Fairy Princess diaper with cotton velour inner.  $12.

Lavendar flowers with bamboo velour inner. $12

Periwinkle with yellow bamboo inner.  This was our first B4 diaper so it has been loved a little more than the others.  Asking $10.

Pink flower with cotton velour inner.  $12.  This is newer than the others so still a little softer.

I have 5 Drybees Gone Natural fitteds.  These are bamboo velour fitteds with a snap closure and a bamboo insert.  They are pretty well loved, so not the softest.  Also a few have stains that I think will sun out.  Asking $5 each.  Seen on my kid in this post (about halfway down.)

Covers: these are Motherease Airflow size M.  There are two of the savannah print, one of the wetlands print, and one white.  I'd like to sell these as a group since I have them priced so inexpensively.  $7 for all 4 covers.  These are actually really great covers.  They are just a single layer of PUL, so they are nice and lightweight.  They are really roomy so they fit over bulkier one-size fitteds well.  Since they are so roomy, they aren't the best for using over a trifolded prefold - the prefold tends to shift.  But they fold up tiny and are awesome as a backup cover in the diaper bag or if you're using them mostly over fitteds.  Also excellent as a nighttime cover.

To buy:  Send an email to Mommiev1 at gmail dot com.  Include the specific diapers you want (brand and color) and if you're making me an offer for combining let me know what your offer is.  Once I send you my paypal address, I consider the sale to be finalized.  Please feel free to inquire, ask questions, make offers, but once you ask for my paypal address, that's the handshake.

Trades: the only thing I am looking for in trades are Blueberry trainers, Imse Vimse trainers, or a couple of Thirsties Duo Diapers Size 2s.

More pockets:
This diaper was made by a WAHM. Some of the snaps don't work. I'll sell it FFS (free for shipping) with any other diaper you buy from me. We used this diaper once and it leaked - I think it was wicking because it was too big, and some of the snap-down rise snaps don't hold. I'm hoping that someone else can either use it, or can use the fabric for something. The yellow microfiber towel came with it as the insert, so that will be included also.

I have several Knickernappies pockets for sale.  All of these are size M, but some are the old medium, some are G1 and some are G2.  Asking $8 each for them.  All of these are in good shape, snaps and elastic are fine, no leaking PUL.

Periwinkle G1:

Sage green G1:

Bright Pink, G2:

Lavendar, I think this one is a G2

Light blue G2:
Also we have a yellow that has a very narrow crotch.  It's one of the oldest styles they have.  We keep it as a backup at daycare, so it just sits in her tote.  I will send that one with an insert, because most inserts are too wide to fit.

Pocket Change.  These pockets have an opening in the front and the back, so you don't have to remove the insert, it comes out in the wash.  (People rave about that function of the Thirsties Duos, but that feature originated with this brand.)  These are size M, but they run SMALL.  By the time I got these, they were too small for my kid. 

This is a Piddle Poddles AIO that I will send FFS if you buy any other diaper.  I had a mama sell it to me for $5 and she didn't tell me the issues until she shipped it to me with a note.  It is well loved.  Basically, you can use it as a fitted with a cover, but the inner PUL layer isn't waterproof and it wicks to the front.  Also, the inner is stained.  I am glad that I got it to see the fit (it runs a little smaller than other AIO fitteds like B4s and GM's) but this diaper isn't worth much more than a fitted diaper in its current condition.

Pink Fuzzi Bunz size M - old style with pointy tabs.  Asking $4.  Still in decent shape, doesn't leak.  There is some thread that pulled in the back so the elastic is exposed - doesn't affect function of the diaper at all.

I believe this is from a company called Cloth Diaper Wholesale, but I can't find their website at all.  It's got a really soft, thick fleece liner.  The pocket is in the front, which makes it a little easier to stuff.  This is a pretty olive green color.  Asking $7.

Thanks for taking a look.  I can take more photos of the diapers that I have in multiples, or the ones that I dont have inside photos of.  Just let me know what you want to see.

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