Friday, May 6, 2011

The Real Derby Parade

So, in addition to the Daycare Derby Parade, there is a real parade that occurs during Derby Week too.  Last year we had planned to go, but when I picked her up at daycare she had a fever, so we went to the doctor instead.  This year there was no fever, it was a beautiful day for once, and there was still space to park in the faculty parking lot, so we went to the parade.

 Getting our carriage loaded up with snacks

Quick self-portrait in case I forget later

Our first location was prime real estate.  The closeness of the buses startled a certain someone, though, so we moved.


The crowd begins to gather

Hey Jellybean Mama, thanks for the hat!

More cute girl

Like a moth to a flame, girl to cheap parade peddlars

And yes, I bought her one of the damn thngs

Another self portrait

Campus buildings.  The porta-potty isn't normally there.  (Maybe it should be.)

Someone is in the spirit

Making friends

And eating their food

She was dying to sit on the bleachers, despite my explanations that we had not purchased a ticket to do so.

"Ticket?  We don't need no stinkin ticket"

More crowd

The Red Hat ladies


Therapy Dogs

The guy with the water for the dogs is my HERO!!!!

Super Grover was a big hit with my kid.
We didn't stay to the end.  I apologize to my colleagues (who I hope aren't even reading this or know this blog exists) since I didn't stay to watch the float that our college sponsored.  There was a large break after the start of the parade, so by the time we left it was an hour and a half after the parade had started, and it was over 3 hours since we'd been standing on the hot concrete sidewalk.  My kid was amazing for almost 4 hours straight.  Then we basically came home, took a bath, and crawled into bed for 12 hours.

But her first real parade was much fun!

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