Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Kid is So Freaking Smart

We come in from my mom's tonight.  The kid is a mess, having had a late supper and various confrontations involving putting the bubbles away and leaving Nan and Grandpa's house.  As I'm ushering both of us through the door into the kitchen, she notices a pair of my shoes.

I was gifted a pair of flip flops from a family friend.  They have a flower stitched onto them, so they are very cute for summer.  I was wearing them while working in my campus office the other day.  While walking down the hall to the printer, I noticed a wierd sensation on my foot.  I looked down to notice the flower coming off.  I pulled it the rest of the way off, and wore the shoes home, thinking I would toss them when I got home.  I decided to keep them around as an extra pair of shoes to wear when gardening or doing yard work.  That's why they were out in the middle of the floor, I'd been wearing them while gardening while she was taking her nap.

She immediately noticed one shoe was missing the flower.  "Where flower?  Where flower?" she repeated until I answered her.  "I lost it" was the simplest answer I could come up with.  "You lost it" she repeated.

I headed for her room to pull out pajamas and a bath towel to start the bedtime rituals of the night.  When I returned to the kitchen where she was,


had become this:


Funky Mama Bird said...

That is insanely cute. Seriously.

Esperanza said...

Amazing! Absolutely amazing. What a cutie! (Both your daughter and the shoe).

hopefulcc said...

I was pretty sure she couldn't get any cuter, but she just did :)

Such a sweetheart!

Serifm said...

Are you kidding me? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? That needs to go in some kind of baby book, so you remember it forever.

FruitFish said...

What a little sweetheart!