Sunday, May 22, 2011

Color Days (Updated)

(updated, now includes Rainbow Day)
Right after we came back from vacation, Wee One got moved up to the Two's II room.  Not too long after that, a newsletter came home describing the upcoming project to teach colors.  Each week would have a respective color.  On Wednesday of that week, she was supposed to bring in a magazine photo featuring the color.  Then on Thursday, she should come to daycare dressed in or wearing the color.

Thankfully, they provided a handy reminder that Mommie could hang on the fridge.

The first week was Red.  I was so freaking giddy that I got her to school with all her red on, that I didn't take a photo.

The second week was Green.  See this post for lots of photos of her in her Green.

So this post will show you the rest ....



That was the week of Wee One's birthday.  So Mommie took cupcakes for snack to celebrate.  Brightly colored cupcakes.  On White Day.  I'm sure the other parents were thrilled with that.



Um ... apparently I missed this day too.  I seem to have no photo of my kid on yellow day.  Let me check my phone ...  Nope. Missed it.


Brown: (was the day of the Derby parade, so many other shots can be seen in this post).



This is what "Don't play in Mommie's garden" means, apparently"
Next week is Rainbow.  Then I'll no longer have a guide for what to Wear on Thursdays.  'Sok, she won't be going to daycare on Thursdays over the summer anyway!!!


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Betsy said...

She has some seriously cute clothes. I'm jealous in two ways. I want adult sized versions for myself and a little girl of my own to dress them in as well.