Saturday, February 27, 2010

CD 101 - covers

If I do a post on prefolds, I have to do a post on covers too! You *can* use prefolds without covers (but they aren't waterproof that way), and I do (when using wool, for instance), but the covers are what make the prefolds SO easy to use as a cloth diapering system. We used prefolds and covers almost exclusively as our system for daytime until wee one started daycare.

PUL covers are one of the most popular options, and the easist to start with. There are several brands. I started with a Bummi's Super Brite, a Bummi's Super Whisper Wrap, and a Thirsties. I had quite a few newborn sized Proraps, but I didn't like them at all. The Bummi's run just a wee bit smaller than the Thirsties, so they were the first covers we used. They worked well, but the Thirsties have the signature leg gussets, which are bombproof for newborn EBF (exclusively breast fed) poo.

Thirsties covers, by far, are the best covers to use, in my opinion. The leg gussets help with the fit, I have NEVER had a leak in a Thirsties cover. I have had poo come way out of a prefold and all over the inside of the cover, I have had it stain the elastic on the edge of the gussets, but I have never had it leak. The crossover tabs allow you to ge the ideal fit for your little one, even if they have a small waist. The colors are just awesome - I want one in every color!

Some mamas love Thirsties covers except ... they prefer snaps. There are several reasons for this ... the aplix can get pilly, pick up lint/hair/fuzz, can stick to other diapers in the laundry (laundry tabs are NOT perfect), and can look gross after a while. There is always some mama on DS asking for "Thirsties-like" covers only with snaps.

Well, apparently Thirsties listened because this became available this week:

Damn, I wish I had some extra money.

Fleece is another option for covers. Often called "soakers", fleece has a moisture resistance that allows it to be used as a cover. Fleece pants work well in this respect. However, fleece will begin to get wet and smell like pee after only one or a couple of uses, so you need lots of these and they will get washed frequently with your diaper laundry.

Wool. How absolutely adorably cute are wool pants? See my "Lookie What I Made" post for more about wool as diaper covers.

With covers, using flats or prefolds becomes as easy as using disposables. You lay the diaper in the cover and fasten it around the baby. I swear when I read that when I was preggo and researching CDs, I didn't believe it was that easy. But it totally is.

How many covers do I need? Like most things, that depends. Right now I have three covers and that's plenty. For newborns, whose poo is runnier and not on schedule, you might want 5 or 6. Once they start solids or are poo-ing less, you will need fewer. If the prefold is really soaked and the inside of the cover is wet, you can let it air out and use another cover in the meantime. If it gets poo on it, it goes in the wet bag to be washed in the diaper laundry.

More on diaper washing coming soon! As always, let me know if you have questions that aren't covered!

Added: An update here on the Thirsties Duo covers in prints.

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