Friday, February 26, 2010

Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

I posted a witty message on FB yesterday morning about 4 am when I was up that said "I like this 'sleep when the baby sleeps' thing. If only there were a 'work when the baby works' thing too, then I wouldn't have a two-page to-do list!". People were amused.

But I'm telling ya, I feel great. I've been running on adrenaline most of the week, so it's probably just that, but still.

Wednesday night I went to bed when she did. I totally just gave up, and put jammies on when I got her ready for bed, and we just hunkered down under the blankets and went to sleep. She seemed to wake up fewer times (or maybe I just didn't wake up all the way when I rolled over to put a buub in her mouth) and I slept pretty well - I probably got 10 hours of total sleep.

Last night, same drill. We had been having dinner on the kitchen floor when she fell and bumped her head, and had a meltdown, and I went ahead and started the bedtime thing. So there was still an open jar of baby food on the floor in the kitchen. And I just left it and went to sleep.

Slept until around 4:45, which is one of her favorite times to wake up for a full nursing. And realized I'd slept about 9 hours. And also realized that I felt pretty good!

I mean, I'm still in the deficit column for about 6 months worth of sleep still. I still have that mommy exhaustion that I've been told lasts until they're 18, or married, or you're dead, depending on who you talk to. And I still feel incredibly stressed out because I have several little detailed things to attend to for my new classes, I need to stay caught up, and I have a 3-hour online meeting today.

But at least I feel functional for it!

So do it, ya'll. Just for this weekend, sleep when your baby sleeps. It's amazing.

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