Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Thirsties

Hi. My name is mommyV and I'm a cloth diapering addict. I adore your diapers. I was hoping that you might send a free sample my way and I can review it on this blog for all the people to read (hi mom!).

I actually have already reviewed the Thirsties Duo Diaper here, here, here, and here. That first one got 1.958 views, thank you. A rave viewed by almost 2 thousand cloth diapering mamas. Wow. Seems worth a diaper (or three) to me!

I also have reviewed Thirsties covers every time a newbie mom posts and asks what the best covers are over prefolds, or which ones hold in EBF poo, or which ones come in cool colors, or which covers did you like for newborns (why do people like Proraps so darn much?). My answer is always "Thirsties".

So you can see that I have already raved about your products to a number of moms. And you can probably also tell from this blog that I'm a single mama of a dear wee one that goes to daycare three days a week and needs pocket diapers. And I only have 6 Duo Diapers so I wash diapers almost every night because they. totally. rock.

So any additional products, like more Thirsties Duo Diapers (size 2 if you please) or even Duo Wraps (we do prefolds on the weekends) would be ravely reviewed here for all to read. (Still there mom?)

Thanks so much!

Or perhaps I will win a free one from Hip Little One:
I voted and tweeted and blogged!

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MommieV said...

Can I comment on my own blog? Since becoming a fan of Thirsties on facebook, two of my other friends became fans. See, I am a Thirsties trendsetter. You REALLY should send me free diapers.