Friday, February 19, 2010

I heart BabyLegs

When researching cloth diapers while I was pregnant, I read that alot of mamas used something called Babylegs. I gathered they were baby legwarmers, and that mamas thought they couldn't live without them.

Yes, and yes.

The original brand of baby legwarmers is BabyLegs, which can be purchased online through their website, other websites like Sew Crafty Baby, or even mainstream stores like Target. They made a line that I think were specifically for Target, called My First Babylegs.

Then, of course, come the knockoffs. I can say that, because I have as many pairs of these as I do "real" Babylegs! Target's brand of baby clothes is Circo, and they make baby legwarmers. And they are less expensive, but also not as good quality.

Putting your baby in a diaper and babylegs is the most effortless way to keep their legs warm - no taking pants on and off when doing the diaper changes. They are also useful under dresses to keep legs warm. Some mamas practice "elimination communication", which is where they have their little ones run around with nothing on their bottoms, so the little ones learn to communicate when they have to use the potty. Babylegs help keep little nekkid babies warm.

They are just too cute.

You can get them to match different outfits.

And you can get them free.

"Free?" you say ... yes, free. BabyLegs has a forum where mamas can discuss their addiction to BL. (And yes, by addiction, I mean that mamas are confessing that they have hundreds of pairs of these things. Makes my stash of 8 or so pairs pale by comparison!) If you join the forum you will see the Daily Giveaway thread. Most days there is a post that asks you a question. By posting you are entered into the Daily Giveaway. It is totally NOT random - if they like your post, they pick you. My post was to the thread about your favorite mommy and baby date. I posted about music class - either they were glad to have a new person enter, or they liked my post. But I won!

And they came by UPS last night. So its for real, ya'll!

I heart babylegs.

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