Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am convinced of the law of conservation of energy. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes forms.

I am also convinced that lots of things contain "energy". Money is a form of energy, time is a form of energy, even giving attention is a form of energy.

So you really can't get something for nothing. You can get it for no money, but you exchange some other form of energy to get it.

So there's TONS of mommy blogs out there. And somehow, they get FREE SHTUFF FROM THIRSTIES to give away. (I would just keep it, yo, but I think that breaks the rules). Some chicka posted on Thirsties facebook page about her Thirsties giveaway (I think that's probably against some rules somewhere, but yo, it WORKED for her, because I totally went to her blog to enter.) I call her chicka because she is 20-something and sounds very sweet. I do not mean offense by it - I don't even know this woman.

Anyway, so I'm on facebook, and see her wall post, and link to her blog, and she is giving away prewash and superwash from Thirsties.

We are having MAJOR rash issues in my house. Like, I gave up and put her in sposies with the Butt Paste since Friday, after daycare got the Butt Paste on the Thirsties Duo Diapers because the liners didn't stay in place. (I handwashed them and hope they are ok. Not stained, seem to be saved.)

Is the rash from the CDs? Or from the nasty poo she had been having? The poo is better, the rash is not. Hmmm. So of course, OCD me, I panic. Did the oxyclean I used a week ago cause the rash? When she wakes up from her nap, I plan to re-wash all the prefolds (what about the Duo's that are stuffed and ready for daycare tomorrow? If I think about that I'll give myself a stroke).

Can you tell I've had too many cokes this morning? On too little sleep for ... oh, yea, a year?

I have wanted to try the Thirsties wash since it came out. Alas, I am too broke. I can con daddy into buying me a thing of Tide when he's at the store. Doubt I'll get him to drop 30 bucks on special cloth diaper detergent.

So here I am, spending time trying to win Thirsties detergent. Because if I had the energy in the form of money, I would just buy the damn stuff. But I do not. So instead, I spend time putting comments on some other mommy's blog trying to hope that God smiles on me when her toddler pulls a number out of a bowl tomorrow.

This is how energy relates to Thirsties Super Wash. You didn't think I could make the circle, did you?

So, go see her blog. She has some interesting stories. Puts my little 3 weeks in the hospital with pre-eclampsia to shame, yo. But if you win the Thirsties, have pity on an overworked single mom with expensive daycare to pay for .....

(Yes, that would be me).

(You think she's actually going to count this toward her giveaway? You think she actually read this far?)

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