Monday, February 8, 2010

No Time Like The Present

I found out I as pregnant on August 20, 2008. (Wow, 2008?) As I attempted to navigate my way through my early-pregnancy hormone, ah, “shifts”, I began Googling anything and everything I could think of. Everything from “single mom” to “what the hell have I done” (not really, but close). I would get to my office every morning and attempt to not throw up while comforting myself with these searches. Many of them turned up blogs as search results, so I began reading a bevy of “mommy blogs”. The thought occurred to me that I could be witty and funny (with my head in the toilet). But I had concerns about privacy (what if my students read this!). So I didn’t.

But funny things started happening. Some of which happened while, yes, my head was in the toilet. (This is how I came to have a new cell phone!) The “flag-sized panties” was a particularly hilarious episode (and how I loved those panties when I had a c-section incision to heal up!). But I hadn’t started it in the beginning, so what was the point in starting it halfway through the story?

Then some health issues started. And I found out the beauty of mass communication using the internet when my mom posted information about my status on Facebook. Information, photos, my condition, the baby’s condition, could all be posted and lots of concerned people could know how we were doing 100 miles away in the hospital. I have since reconnected with a number of people using Facebook. Folks knew instantly, had photos of her as soon as we could get them posted, and we didn’t have to spend hours on the phone or tell the same story over and over.

But I hadn’t started it in the beginning, and we had Facebook, so what was the point?

Then it all started happening. We lost Darby Jo (I miss her so much) and I wanted to write a tribute to her. On Facebook? No room. I decided to quit my job and move back to Indiana. Would these people all understand that decision? I don’t want to turn this into a journal, there are other places where I will explore my thoughts. But to have some way of explaining … other than a status update.

But I hadn’t started it in the beginning, and I was now in the middle of a move, so what was the point?

Then in one fell swoop, I got a job, bought a house, and holy crap life is VERY different than it was a year ago. But I hadn’t … ah, you see the use of the device, now, don’t you?

But if I DON’T start one now, then she will be a year old, and then older and older. I will always have the excuse that I didn’t start it in the beginning. I have considered going back through my journal and quoting excerpts – except I never seem as witty when you re-read as I thought I was when writing it! But, as the title says, there’s no time like the present to start sharing my life with … whoever is reading.

I’m still learning about the mechanics of using this blog software, too, so bear with me. Please no flaming and hating, my daughter will read this one day (if I’m successful at teaching her to read.)

And now, for your pleasure, I will attempt to insert a photo of the dear wee one for your enjoyment, just so you can get the first glimpse into my little slice of mommie heaven!

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