Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Real Life

I have nothing witty to say. And I don't have a good cloth diaper post edited for you. This new teaching schedule is alot. I stand on my feet from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm with little break. It has felt very stressful this week. I think the students are calming down now that they feel they have a direction. Wee One seems to be calming down too, since she's sleeping a little bit tonight. (Monday? Up every 20-45 minutes most of the night. Not fun.)

She did eat well at daycare yesterday. 3 jars of baby food, seriously? She hasn't eaten that much in one day with me ... um, ever. I guess the milk bar is her preference when I'm around.

So I'm up. Last night when I got up I had tons of work stuff that I needed to do, and she kept waking up when I wasn't in bed with her. I did the minimum needed - a little less than what I needed, but enough to get by - and went back to bed.

Tonight, she seems to be sleeping well. I did some quick dishes, started diaper laundry, found my cell phone, updated facebook, and she is still asleep. I'm thinking with 3 jars of baby food, plus the oatmeal I fed her, and all the nursing to get her to sleep, she might sleep for a while.

So ... how do I get back in bed without waking her????

Diapers sound like they are done with the prewash on cold. I should turn them back on. I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. I had some that were very poo-y that I soaked for a while with some oxyclean in the load. I normally wouldn't do that, but (a) stains and (b) the guide I got from GMD actually suggests oxyclean monthly. So I did. And she's been getting diaper rash. Now, she's also had runny poo and stress and was sick last week, etc. But I'm trying to decide if I want to re-wash the load that was oxycleaned or not. I already kinda did re-wash them. I mean, how many washes and rinses does it take to rinse the stuff out? But if she has sensitive skin like me ...

I've been putting sposies and butt paste on her at night when she starts to get a rash. Didn't clear it up totally last night, and the new chick at the daycare put a note on her sheet about it. I have considered caving in and sending her to daycare tomorrow with sposies and butt paste. That feels like me admitting defeat. But I don't trust them to do liners (and it would force me to dig through my car to actually locate them).

These are the things I worry about. It's ok, this is a benign worry. My worry the past couple of days is that I'm ruining her health by taking on this teaching load, since she wasn't sleeping. My worry this morning was that I can't pay my bills right now until I get (a) a tax check or (b) some of this pay for these extra classes that wont come for two more weeks at least.

Now I'm just trying to figure out how to sneak back into the bed without waking her up, and if I should re-wash a load of already multiply washed diapers. Not too bad a mommy worry for the middle of the night.

I hope I'm doing the right thing. We always hope we are doing the right thing.

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