Friday, April 30, 2010

And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

The past couple of days I have digressed into my Scientist Mode. Whenever there is a question I need to answer, I look for Research.

Today we are back to normal ... photos of me and the Wee One!

Every year at this time (Derby Week) her daycare has a Derby Parade for the children in their care. Last Thursday I signed the first permission slip for a "field trip" for their Derby Parade and brought in a t-shirt to be tie-dyed.

When I arrived, the caregivers were getting the little ones settled in the buggy.

When she saw me, she wanted nothing to do with riding. Mommy, carry me!

So I did. First self-portrait:

Her other friends in their tie-dyed shirts in the buggy.

Grandpa came!

Getting lined up:

Second self-portrait:

Each room of children did something different to prepare for the parade. The preschoolers made Derby hats. One group made silks like the jockeys wear. Unfortunately it turned off rather chilly, so they had to wear jackets to cover up their outfits.

The big kids got to bring bikes, big wheels, or even a 4-wheeler to ride in the parade:

Some of the little ladies wore beautiful hats:

(I'm telling ya, I gotta find a great Derby hat for my girl):

The parade went down one side of the street on the sidewalk, crossed the street, came back up the other side on the sidewalk, crossed again, and then we entered a large office building adjacent to the daycare center. They knew we were coming, and as the children paraded in, 6 floors of workers clapped and cheered and enjoyed our spectacle.

Final self-portrait:

By then the whole room of toddlers were ready for naps. I snagged the rocker and nursed my girl until she was almost asleep, then got her the rest of the way asleep in her crib before I slipped back to the daily grind.

My baby's first field trip was great fun for Mommie!

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