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Cloth Diapering 101 - Fitted Diapers

Tinkle Traps newborn size
So somewhere in all the CD 101 posts that I have done, I missed doing a post about fitteds.  I talked about fitteds in the overview post, and the post on fabrics, but I didn't give them a dedicated post as I had planned.

Wee One in a KL0 at the upper limit of wearing them - I had just realized I had never taken a photo of her in one!
Fitted diapers are a step up from prefolds.  You don't have to figure anything out with them, since they velcro or snap on.  They often have elastic around the legs to contain the poo.  But they are only made of absorbent material.  There is no waterproof layer to a fitted diaper, so you have to use a cover with them if you are putting clothes over them or want to keep wetness contained.

Country Cuttin's Newborn Size - only she's about 4 months old here.
I first heard about fitted diapers on the Diaperswappers forums, when I began research cloth diapers.  Lots of mamas recommended KL0s (Kissaluv brand fitteds in size 0) for newborns.  They contain runny newborn poo well, without blowouts.  And they are teeny, so they fit newborns well.  Some mamas said to use Proraps and some mamas said to use Thirsties covers, but overwhelmingly they recommended KL0s for newborns.

Then I started reading about mamas raving about Goodmama fitteds.  In fact, they all knew when the Goodmama Hyenacart was stocking, and they would go and pick out their favorite diapers and sit and wait for the stocking time (that's called stalking) to try to get it.  Some would get mad that the diaper would be in their "cart" and someone else would get it if the didn't complete the transaction in time.  One mama was two minutes late getting on, and her diaper was gone, so she was heartbroken.  Some mamas would get other mamas to "stalk" with them ("stalking help") to try to get a diaper they wanted.  Apparently there was some hype over these Goodmama fitteds.

At first I didn't understand the hype.  Sure, the diapers were unbearably cute, but they would be under covers so you would hardly see them.  One mama said it was like wearing sexy underwear to work - noone sees it, but you know it's there and it makes you feel good just to know that.

But then I bought a Goodmama fitted used off FSOT (at $30+ a diaper, I wasn't buying new!).  They are made of bamboo, so are very very soft in the beginning.  They are also very very very absorbent.  Some mamas even use them for overnight because they are so absorbent.

Later, I discovered what I think is an even better version - made by the mama who owns Bububebe on Hyenacart.  Her diapers are very similar to Goodmamas, with some great differences.  Let me show you.

Both are considered to be "one size" fitteds - one size will fit multiple sized babies.  This is accomplished by folding down the rise in the front on the Goodmama, and folding down the rise (and maybe snapping it) on the Bububebe.  As your babe grows, you fold down less of the rise, until you are using the full rise on the diaper for bigger babies.

One difference is that the GM has a two-layer insert that is sewn into the diaper.  The B4 has a three-layer insert that snaps together, so you can adjust the absorbency (and also the bulk of the diaper) as your baby grows.

The B4 has a short insert for use when the rise is snapped all the way down in the smallest size.

It has a medium length insert for use when your baby gets a little bigger.  The smaller insert snaps to the back of this insert, so now you have two layer absorbency.

There is a larger insert, that is longer at one end to cover the extra row of snaps and keep it from irritating your baby.  This gives you three thick layers of absorbency and is what makes this diaper great for nighttime.

I have a bunch of the B4s in several cute prints.  Some are lined with bamboo velour, and some with cotton velour - both are REALLY soft.

Top left is a birthday print diaper that Wee One wore in her First Birthday photos.
Some B4 action shots:

I have several other types of fitteds that I have used and love too.  Bumgenius bamboo fitteds are a particular favorite - although they take for-ev-er to dry in the dryer.  They are now discontinued, so you'd have to grab some used somewhere, but they will make a great addition to your stash.  DryBees makes a bamboo fitted (Gone Natural) that is really great that has a doubler that helps increase absorbency if you need it.

DryBees Size Two on her when I first bought some used.

A bamboo fitted I bought for $5 on Hyenacart from a mama going out of business.

BG bamboo fitted
Fitteds work really well under wool covers, so this winter we will probably go back to doing fitteds and wool on the weekends.

One benefit to fitteds - if you'd like your babe to run around the house one day in a breathable diaper made of all natural materials, that's easy to do with fitteds.  Some mamas leave their little ones cover-less when it's hot, when they have a diaper rash, or when they're just hanging out at home.  You can do that with a prefold if you use pins or a Snappi, but with the snaps or velcro of a fitted, it's easy to do.

Sustainable Babyish - same size diaper on two different settings to show size range - this is the old style

Made by Heather of Bitty Fluff


Funky Mama Bird said...

There is still so much to learn. Crazy. As I was reading this, Gunne Bear came running over to me with a bamboo insert in one hand and a Zorb in the other. I had to laugh.

MommieV said...

I know, I still feel like I have alot to learn. After I started CDing is when gDiapers came out, and I have never even seen the flip or econobum lines. I've thought about buying one of each "just to try", you know, cuz I need so many more cloth diapers in my stash.

This was a fun post to do, because I got to go way back in the pictures to find some of her early ones.

Candace said...

K so I just want to say you are pretty dang awesome for doing this! I am just so not patient enough!

MommieV said...

Thanks, Candace. I've taken the photos all along, and I've done a post at a time, so it wasn't too bad.

If there's anything you'd like to see me post about, or if there's any questions you have, let me know!

Genkicat said...

I think I'm the only mom who did NOT like the KLO's. They just never fit my baby well, and I hated having to get the diaper on and then the cover.

My favourite diapers so far are the all in twos. Basically a prefold that I fold into thirds and a cover. Or my microfiber inserts and cover. Easy to use. And generally you don't have to wash a cover every time. Nice.

I didn't know diapers could be so much fun.