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CD 101 - pockets I have tried

Okay, so you've decided on trying pocket diapers. But what kind? Here are some reviews of some pocket diapers I have tried, followed by some suggestions on choosing a pocket diaper.

Reviews start with my favorite diapers, and the ones that I most recommend.

Thirsties Duo Diaper

Seriously, this is my favorite pocket
-comes with an awesome 2-piece insert that is microfiber and hemp
-openings in front and back makes the pocket super easy to stuff
-nice and trim and fits great
-leg gussets - NO LEAKS or blowouts at all
-now come in super pretty PRINTS

-don't come in a snap version
-I like the colors, but I liked the old Thirsties Rainbow a little better (apparently, though, they have limited that to an 8-color selection too.  Interesting.)

Knickernappies sized

-VERY trim through the crotch
-side snap, and lots of them

-inconsistency in sizing on some, although I imagine with the popularity of this diaper now they have worked that out. It was mostly with the G1, and the G2 is all that is available now
-no leg gussets, so the occasional blowout has happened.  Like, at really inconvenient times.

Knickernappies OS

-very trim diaper for a OS
-side snap, and lots of them
-its a one-size diaper, so it will last through multiple sizes

-leaking issues, really runny poo can get out the side where the diaper snaps
-the microfiber inserts that come with them are kinda dinky compared to others I have

Swaddlebees side snap:

-very trim through the crotch
-side snap

-leaked badly - the leg elastic isn't topstitched or "cased"

Swaddlebees velcro with organic velour:

-nice trim diaper
-these have cased elastic and didn't leak
-cheap - I bought on clearance as seconds
-come as a COW PRINT

-industrial strength Velcro sticks to EVERYTHING and got pilly and nasty quickly (and is ruining my Duo diapers in the wash!)
-bought as seconds, so some stitches came loose in early washing

Note - these may be discontinued, as I haven't found any in their outlet store, or at other retailers' websites.

Green Acre Designs:

-pretty trim through the crotch
-side snap
-cute colors of fleece for the inside

-leaked once, I didn't use this that long before I sold - similar fit to the Swaddlebees side snap

Fuzzi Bunz sized
pictured here being used as a nighttime diaper
-nice big crotch lets you stuff alot for nighttime
-snap closure - but they are front snap and not side-snap

-they have changed so much even with a single "version" that finding the kind you want on FSOT is difficult - -you have to know if you want the "new size medium" or the "old size medium" and there are even now "old new size medium"s.
-everybody has some listed on FSOT so they are hard to sell, and mamas want to bargain you down to nothing
-lots of fake ones for sale on eBay - be careful
no leg gussets

Cloth Diaper Wholesale OS diaper
-high quality fleece
-snap closure
-cheaper than most pockets, but still well made

-the pocket is in the front, not the back, so the microfiber insert tends to rub her tummy
-not as large as other OS diapers, might not last into potty learning
-no leg gussets, but its never leaker

The only pocket that I have wanted to try and never have is the Smartipants pocket.  I was getting ready to try them when I heard the Thirsties Duos were coming out, so I waited.  Smartipants are a snap OS pocket diaper, that lots of mamas rave about.  If you're considering OS pockets, give them a shot.

There are some that I've tried that I don't even recommend.  One is the Mommy's Touch OS pocket.

It's too hard to figure out the snap settings, and I haven't heard of many mamas having alot of luck with them.

Also, I ordered a OS pocket from a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) and it leaks badly too.
Your decision will be easier if you are diapering a baby you have. Trying to decide what pockets to use when getting a newborn stash ready for a babe that is one the way is more difficult. Prefolds are so much easier on a newborn, though, that you might decide not to try pockets until they are a little bigger. (See that Swaddlebees side snap photo above?  That's a size small pocket on a newborn. Not a good fit.)

That's one reason that the Thirsties Duo Diaper came out with two sizes - one for smaller babies, and one for bigger babies to potty learning.

I always suggest you read reviews, raves, suggestions, and recommendations by mamas on cloth diapering forums. See Mothering Dot Com and Diaperswappers. You will see lots of different opinions. As you filter through them, compare some of the information about their baby to your situation. Some diapers fit chunky babies better, and if yours is long and slim with skinny thighs, you might decide on something different. Age might be a help in comparing, but weight and size will probably make more of a difference.

--Decide if you want to use OS or sized pockets. You might try a OS on your little one and see how bulky it is before you buy a stash of 24 diapers.

--Decide if you like snap or aplix closure. The aplix closures tend to look gross after a while, lots of washing makes them pilly, curly, and not as neat as they once were. Snaps can break or fail or pull holes in the diaper after a while, but look nicer after lots of washings. My daycare person prefers the velcro to the snap closures, and my mom sometimes has issues with pain in her hand that makes snapping diapers uncomfortable for her. However, when your little one gets big enough to want to squirm, crawl, or run away from diaper changes, snapping diapers is difficult at best. A quick change using aplix closures helps.

Of course, my little one now loves to pull off the aplix on the Duo diapers.  We will be wearing alot of shorts over diapers this summer.

--Decide if you like leg gussets. The only pocket I know of with leg gussets is the Thirsties Duo Diaper, but there could be more out there.

Hope that helps if you're considering pockets.  As always, feel free to email me if you have specific questions!

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