Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Favorite Diaper ...

... doesn't exist.  Well, it probably would if I took this one ...

... and shipped it to some mama I've never met for her to rip off the velcro and add snaps.  (They do it to the Bum Genius ones, why not these?)

My favorite diaper would be a Thirsties Duo Diaper with snap closures.

Because I have this:
I love this diaper - except when she does this

So, how much is she going to hate me that I keep posting picctures of her b.ottom on the internet?

She has even figured out how to reach under shorts and undo the diaper, and then start to push it down through the leg hole.  She is a TOTAL stinker.

But back to the diaper.

Great things about the Duo: 
- They are adjustable for size.  The diapers I bought (size 2) will probably fit her until she potty learns (PL). 
- The Duo insert.  It uses a very thin microfiber piece for quick absorption, and a thin hemp layer to hold the wetnes and protect against leaks, and make it very absorbent.  The two layers snap together, so they won't slide around in the diaper and bunch up.  Even together, it is a very thin, very absorbent insert.
-  The dual-opening pocket.  This diaper is constructed like a sleeve, with a large opening the back and a small opening in the front.  This means that you don't have to unstuff your diaper when you throw it in the wash.  No touching gross diaper inserts, just toss the whole diaper in the wash.
-  Cute colors and adorable prints - although I'm a die hard oldie - I still prefer the old Thirsties Rainbow colors.
-  The signature Thirsties leg gussets have held in quite a number of messes.  The leg elastic can sometimes get stained, but at least you don't have a huge mess to clean up!
What cute prints!

Problems with the Duo
-  They don't come with snap closures.

Thirsties listened to all the mamas on the discussion boards that wanted covers that come with snaps.  I'm hoping they listen to the mamas that need pocket diapers with snaps.

Because THAT would definitely be my favorite diaper.


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Funky Mama Bird said...

I despise the fact that my gDiapers don't have snaps. Luckily Gunne hasn't figured out how to get them off from under his shorts yet! Although if he does, I think we're going to potty learn a lot faster around here because I'm not really into wiping up pee all day.

FruitFish said...

Thank you for a great review and reasons why you love your diaper so much! I wish I had a LO already so I could partake in your Tushie Tuesday. For now I will take notes and probably add one to my own stash I got going (and practice on my niece with ;) )
Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

shame you don't like her taking off her diaper I LOVE it when that happens