Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Totes Are My Life

Well, not exactly.  But they are my main method of storing diapers.  And organizing lots of other things too.

Put a pile of crap stuff in a tote, and instantly, you're organized.  It's a beautiful thing.
So after diaper laundry, which we discussed a couple of weeks ago, I go ahead and "fold".  I separate out cloth wipes into a pile, pull out prefolds if there are any, and then stuff all the pockets so they are ready to go.

Then into the totes they go.
(I posted some photos here a couple of months ago.  Since I've already uploaded them to Blogger, and since I'm have a really shitty day, it won't let me upload them again.  Ugh.)

When I first started cloth diapering the Wee One, we used mostly prefolds.  I used a diaper stacker someone had given us - you know, the thing that hangs on the wall that matches the quilt and bumper and whatever-else-in-the-package-is-really-cute-but-you-never-use.  Well, those things are P E R F E C T for stacking prefolds.  The infant size work great laying flat, and the premium size work great folded in half and stacked.

Alas, along came daycare and their request for "one piece" cloth diapers.  So now we have tons of pockets.  I'm sure they'd work in the diaper stacker too, if it hadn't gotten lost in the move.

So, totes it is. 


Thanks for coming by Cloth Tushie Tuesday.

Mommie V

So how do you store and organize your cloth diapers?  Link up and tell us about it!


Funky Mama Bird said...

I had been feeling all proud of myself for finally getting my diapers their own home until I reread your post on your organized diapers with the photos. Now I'm thinking that shoving overnight diapers - unsnapped - along with liners for gDiapers and swim diapers into one drawer is just sloppy.

Wait until we dive into potty learning. I have my eye on some Imse Vimse velour training pants. *sigh*

Laraf123 said...

Neither one of my boys has a dresser. I use totes (at least 12) for diapers and outfits!

MommieV said...

Lara - so glad to hear that. My mom wants me to buy her a dresser for her room. Quote: "you can't just keep her stuff in totes and baskets forever, she needs DRAWERS." I was all like "um, why?"

Betsy - oh, I know. I've been coveting trainers too. I found some really cute girly bamboo velour ones on hyenacart.

And don't worry about sloppy - I only stuff mine and line them up because I only have time to grab 5 on the way out the door to daycare.