Monday, June 14, 2010

Cloth Diapering 101 - Changing Pads

This aspect of diapering your baby isn't limited to cloth diapers.  All mamas need a good changing pad.  Here are two that I use that are made by cloth diaper manufacturers.  I have one made by Fuzzi Bunz.  It is PUL on the outside for waterproofness and soft fleece on the inside.  It is nice and big, but thin so it can fold flat.

(Fuzzi Bunz pad - fleece side shown)

The other one I have is from Mommy's Touch,  While I'm not a huge fan of their diapers, I love their accessries, like wet bags and this changing pad.  It is also PUL on one saide and soft fleece on the other.  While it has smaller dimensions than the FB pad, it is much thicker (it has an extra layer of cotton sherpa in the center for absorbancy, so if your wee one pees while you're changing them, it won't go everywhere!). 

(Mommy's Touch pad over the Fuzzi Bunz pad to show size comparison)

But what I love most about the Mommie's Touch changing pad is the strap with the snap, so you can roll it up.  That keeps it secure in the diaper bag, but it's fantastic if you have a big mess that gets all over it - keeps it from getting all over everything else in the diaper bag on the way home.

(FB pad folded and MT rolled up and secured with snapping strap)

Cloth changing pads are so much more comfy than those plastic ones that come with diaper bags.  You can throw them in the wash with your cloth diapers, and you're good to go!


FruitFish said...

Thanks for your review. It's nice to know what works, and why it works for someone. Helps when it comes to decision making time!
Do you use these at home too, or just in the diaper bag? Do you use any other type of changing pad/station/area? TIA!

MommieV said...

I have never really used a changing table - I usually just use my bed, the couch, or the floor, depending on where we are. I do use the changing pads at home when I know the diaper has a big surprise and I don't want to get it everywhere.

I also have several of those flannel-backed waterproof pads. Those are what we use at Nan's house. There, the diaper changing usually happens on the guest bed, and those help keep the mess from getting on the covers.

Before we did that, we had a little tote bag that we kept in the family room. It had a changing pad, a container of disposable wipes, and extra diapers. Whenever she needed changed we could change her on the couch or floor.

I tend to use the Fuzzi Bunz one more at home since it's a little bigger. I also sometimes just use a prefold diaper. It kinda depends on what is within reach at the time!