Friday, November 5, 2010

Dumb Disposable Diaper Question

So, um, in case you have noticed?  I don't use disposable diapers much.  Not much at all.

And the last time I used one for overnight I think was when she was 6 months old and still nursed every 3 hours all night long.

So, a Major Sick has come to our house.  I think we have The Strep Throat.  Or something just like it, because my throat hurts like holy hell, I can barely swallow, and the Immediate Care doc said it looked like Strep, despite the test coming up negative.  The Wee One's doc said since she tested negative, that it's likely that I'm negative too, with that Overreacting Mom look.  Okay, then please explain why my throat is red and raw and I am unable to swallow.

She does, however, have an ear infection.  Doc once again said "tubes" and "come back in a month" and I can't even go there in my head yet.

Oh, I'm way off topic here.

Anyway, I feel like total and complete crap.  I hauled both of us to Immediate Care to get me an antibiotic, grocery for water and juice and anything-that-looks-like-it-might-make-my-throat-stop-hurting-including-Little-Debbie-Swiss-Rolls, she fell asleep on the way home and took 3/4 of a nap before we had to schlepp both of us to her doctor, the pharmacy to get meds filled and have I mentioned that I feel like crap?

My stomach tends to not tolerate antibiotics well, and since she's just like me ... same.  So two hours on the dot after we both swallow our doses, I am on the big potty and she is crying and pulling on her diaper.  An angry, red rash has exploded across her backside, and I can't find the liners for the cloth diapers.

So I cream her up and put her in a sposie.  It was so uncomfortable for her, she could barely sit down.

I cleaned her up good in the bath, then creamed her up again when putting on jammies.  Where are those damn liners?  That's when I came up with my questions.

What do normal people do for nighttime diapers?  I add an extra insert to my daytime diapers to make them nighttime diapers.  Do you put something in disposables to make them more absorbent?  Do you put something on the outside?  I seriously thought about double diapering her.  Do regular sposies really last all night?

Funny that other people go cloth "except for nighttime" and I have no idea what to do for nighttime except cloth.

They're Pampers if that makes a difference.  And no, they are NOT Dry Max.  I wouldn't touch a Dry Max diaper with a 10-foot-pole, much less put one on her.  So that tells you how long I've had the pack of sposies we have here, since you haven't been able to buy pre-Dry Max since Spring.

So how 'bout it, sposie mamas of Toddlers.  Does a single diaper go through the night?  She's already in bed, so there' not much I can do about it now.  But I'm really curious about what the non-cloth-diapering crowd does at night.

Probably nothing different and now I'm a totally confirmed wierdo.

Oh, and thanks for tolerating the stuff about how I feel like crap.  I'm one of those people that has to bitch about how sick they are and how bad they feel the entire freaking time they are sick.  And we wonder why I'm single.  Huh.


Serifm said...

This is probably totally unhelpful, but since I have a sore throat too and ate Nutty Bars for breakfast (hello, kindred spirit!) I will answer. We aren't in cloth just yet, and we are using the Pampers Sensitive. They last about 4 hours, maximum, so we change him right before bed, and after the 3am feeding. You probably don't do a 3am feeding, though. :-\

Funky Mama Bird said...

I'm so sorry you are both sick.

We used to use disposable overnight diapers. The kind that go 12 hours, they are made with this really scary absorbent gel inside that swells up and gets really squashy by morning.

We used pampers until The Problem arose, but I know Huggies makes an overnight as well.

Feel better - I always find that gargling with listerine helps strep and sore throats - hurts like hell when you do it, but feels AMAZING afterward.

MommieV said...

I forgot about the overnight kind. The one we used worked well. It was really wet in the morning, and a little moisture was on her pajama pants, but not too bad.

The rash has been horrible all day. I've had her in sposies most of the day using a prescription cream then a regular diaper cream. So tonight I put her back in cloth.

I wish I had some raw silk liners, I've heard those are great for diaper rash and irritated skin. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow.