Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weaning, Redux

Okay, so it's official.

The first time didn't take.  Partly because Mommie wasn't quite ready.  Partly because Baby wasn't quite ready either.  The Sick came to our house, and it became a convenient excuse to nurse again for a few days.

So I had one early morning nursing, me and her in a blanket early in the morning in the rocking chair, when I could memorize the moment, and the way she was looking at me, that I could remember and consider as "one of" our last times nursing.

Then the next two mornings, laying in bed nursing her at 5 am wishing she would just go back to freaking sleep already, I realized that it really was time.  I didn't feel like she was getting much milk, and I was experiencing some discomfort.  So a Tuesday morning over three weeks ago was our official last nursing.

She has only asked twice since then, once was just a couple of days ago, when she was running a fever and really didn't feel well.  I said that we could cuddle, but that she was a big girl and that we didn't nurse anymore.  So she said "juice?".  And we snuggled in the rocking chair with a cup of apple juice.

I leaked like crazy for several days.  First from the b00bs, then from the eyes (crying, not milk!)  But overall I think we're both pretty well adjusted.

And with the extra days tacked on, I officially made it to 18 months.

(Breastfeeding Badges from

Now, I can take sinus medicine when my head hurts, drink more than 2 drinks without worrying that she'll wake up in the middle of the night, and I finally don't have to remember to take those damn DHA capsules.

Still, it's really rather bittersweet.


Melissa said...

Good job, Momma!! I know how hard it was for you. Great job on nursing that long! I nursed my little one until 16 months when I was ready to get pregnant again. I cried and cried. I still cry when I see another baby nursing.

Laraf123 said...

Oh, yes, very, very sad when my son stopped nursing. What a roller coaster ride but like you, I was sorry to see it end.