Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mabel's Labels, Do They Really Work?

I don't get too terribly uptight about people who misspell my daughter's name.  It's a common name these days, and there are lots of ways to spell it.  You can start it with a C or a K (I chose C) and you can end it with "in" or "yn" (I chose not to confuse her with too many "i"s and "y"s mixed together, so we went with the simple "in".)

The thing I have loved about her daycare is that they are very particular about spelling children's names correctly.  There was another girl in the Toddler room with the same first name - and the exact opposite spelling.  But nothing ever came home to us misspelled. 

Until the transition.

First a care sheet with the misspelled name written over to cover the "y" that was used.  Then the sheet on the wall that documents diapering and toileting events uses the "y".  But the care sheets more recently have been spelled correctly, and all her "art" has come home with the correct spelling.  So it's getting corrected with the new teacher.

This morning I was folding a blanket to send to daycare, when I saw writing on the label.  It's one of the Aden and Anais blankets that I won in a giveaway from DaMomma, that I adore with my entire being, and that the Wee One loves too, because she allows herself to be covered with it long enough to sleep.

Writing.  On my blanket.  My A+A blanket.  Writing. 

At first I thought they had written the wrong kid's initials on my blanket, because the first initial was a "K".

Then I flipped the tag over

So one side has incorrect initials, the other side has incorrect spelling.

So for Christmas, Miss C is getting name labels for all her stuff that goes to daycare.  I'll probably even slap them on the diapers.  Just because.

So, has anyone bought the Mabel's Labels?  I've heard the clothing tags are really good.  I was hoping someone might be able to vouch for that. 

Or maybe I'll just buy a differently colored Sharpie and make my own graffiti on the labels.

I considered cutting the label off.  But that would be defacement of my blanket!  The horror!  But what do I do instead, keep a blanket with incorrect initials on it?

So, labels it is.  Now ... suggestions?


This post brought to you from the stressed out office of Dr. Crazy.  Who is trying desperately to be prepared for both a Thanksgiving Dinner and End Of Semester at the same time.  Not really, I haven't thought about Thanksgiving at all.  Have too many other things to do before then, it's a whole week away, it will keep.


Funky Mama Bird said...

I have no advice, just wanted to say that that would drive me nuts.

My maiden name is Arabic and gets misspelled all the freaking time. Drove me mad. Mad I tell you!

Gunne's name gets misspelled all the time, too, but mostly because it's Swedish and people have never heard of Gunnar before. They want to spell it Gunner as in the gunner of a battle ship. I may take a leaf from your book and invest in labels before he goes to preschool next year!

Laraf123 said...

IMHO, I'd want the tag cut off the blanket. I'm immune to my name being pronounced/spelled wrong but my kids shouldn't be. (And especially when I'm paying a gazillion dollars for their daycare--is it too much to ask that their names be correct? I don't think so.) It's going to drive you crazy every time you see that tag on your/her favorite blanket. Snip it.
I've purchased labels from They have clothing labels but I only needed adhesive stickers. I do like their site and super cute products. My neighbor uses their clothing labels for both her girls in daycare.

Jellybean Mama said...

I have a brilliant idea for you.

Make a new little tag from a fabric scrap with her correct initials/name and either hot-glue or sew it OVER the existing one! That way you still have the original and correct labels and don't have to deface your precious blanket. Because the compulsive person in me would hate to do that also.

Yeah, I named my kid Jennifer/Jenny specifically to avoid these issues, and I get all kinds of crazy spellings. Le sigh.

Serifm said...

Had a momentary heart attack because I thought they wrote ON THE FABRIC OF HER BLANKET. The tag is still annoying, but the fabric would be worse! A friend of mine had her kid's kindergarten write his name in Sharpie on his brand-new Lands End backpack and matching lunchbox. Without asking. The set that was going to last forever and be passed down to his little brother. She made the school pay for another set.