Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Have A Disorder

I have this thing.  I don't know what it's called.  I'm sure it has a name, everything has a name.  Maybe something like Alternative Focus Motivational Disorder.

It's probably ADD to tell you the truth.  But it feels deeper than that.  Like it's not just an attention thing, it's a Motivation thing.

Here's an example.  I'm at home all weekend, feeling lazy.  I don't really clean much, I don't really do much around the house, I watch TV, I eat, I sleep, etc.  Monday morning comes around.  Monday morning, when I'm supposed to be at work, working on work, doing work.  Instead, that feels like an awesome time to clean the house.  So I run around like crazy in the limited time I have to get ready, throwing clothes in the washer, doing up some quick dishes, and wishing I had the day off to really clean the house.

Example Two.  Right now, I am at work.  I cancelled my classes for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (for several reasons).  I don't even have to be here today.  I completely constructed my week so that I didn't even have to set foot on campus today.  Wee One still goes to daycare today, because my plan was to go back home and clean and get ready for tomorrow's holiday celebration at my house.  But I forgot my thumb drive.  So I stopped into my office to get it after dropping the Wee One off at daycare.

And suddenly, nothing sounds better than working on stuff for classes and getting some things knocked off my to-do list.  I have to give lab exams all next week, so I can get those written and get some materials together for those.  I can post the remaining material to my online class.  Etc etc etc.

So why, when I have plans (and sometimes even obligations) to do something, does something else feel like it needs to be done immediately?

And it's not like it's the thing that's "better" that I end up wanting to do.  Dude, I could be AT HOME right now.  DOING NOTHING.  And instead, since I'm in my office, I suddenly want to work and get a bunch of stuff done.

Maybe it's contextual.  Since I'm here I want to get a few things done.  But that doesn't explain why I can sit at home all weekend and suddenly be bitten by the cleaning bug.

I'm chalking it up to Just Plain Crazy.

So, I'm going to knock a few things off my to-do list.  Might as well, while I'm here.  Then I can finish getting everything ready at home for the Judgy McJudge-a-lots to come tomorrow to eat.


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Jellybean Mama said...

I do this a lot too. When I have something hanging over me to be done, something else ALWAYS sounds better (even if it's work in place of cleaning, or cleaning in place of work). I think it might be my way of rebelling against The Man. Stupid, but if it gets something done, meh.

Have a great Thanksgiving with Wee One!

Serifm said...

LOL. I think your disorder is called "the human condition." Didn't the Apostle Paul say something about this? "I do the things I should not do, and the things I should do, I do not."