Friday, November 5, 2010

ET Phone Home, Redux

So, ladies, I did it.

I upgraded my cell phone.

You may remember me mixing my phone with chocolate and it not going well.  And then being indecisive about what to do about it.  I think that The Universe was making me wait until they put a certain phone on sale for loyalty customers like yours truly.

And then, when it was, The Universe gave me a nudge to go ahead and give the nice people at T Mobile a call and ask for some help.

And then three days later, THIS MAGNIFICENT PIECE OF TELEPHONIC EQUIPMENT showed up on my doorstep.

Well, technically, my parents doorstep, because I am apparently too lazy to change my address since I moved last year.

I. Love. This. Phone.  Like, I want to marry it and have its babies.  Or do dirty things to it.  If it weren't, you know, a phone and all.

Thank you, Lily, I love it.

Please comment and tell me how awesome you think my new phone is.  Because when you do, my phone will make a cool little noise and tell me that I have a comment.  How's THAT for instant comment gratification!  I have to work really hard to get lots of followers now, so I can feel cool and important when my phone makes its little noise.

Also?  Rhapsody app.  I have died and gone to music heaven.  My entire music library that I have spent the last 6 years building ever since I hijacked an ex-boyfriend's Rhapsody account that he talked me into paying for?  Is available at the sweep of a screen and the touch of an icon.

You may not hear anything from me ever again, because I will be busy reading books on the Kindle app, and making little to-do notes on the Toodle Droid app (that syncs with my online list on OMG I AM IN HEAVEN) and checking the internet for all things important and relevant.

Now, I have had to discipline myself to not facebook and tweet constantly from my phone, even though that is incredibly easy to do.  The morning after the election I read a friend's tweet, didn't recognize the sarcasm (it was 5 am and I was still half asleep), and facebooked and tweeted that I didn't have to move to Canada because the Republicans didn't win the house.  Later I realized that was indeed NOT the case (I can't afford to move to Canada, so I guess I'm stuck here) and felt so embarassed I didn't tweet from my phone for ... like ... a day.  Or so.  Maybe less.

I've learned Swype and have gotten somewhat better at it.  Easier, yes.  Quicker, not yet. 

So, I love you guys and all, but I'm going to go play with my phone now.  Please comment.  It's really a nifty little sound.  And I'll be in a faculty meeting today, so I will need something to amuse myself.


Serifm said...

You sound like me when I got my smart phone. Totally and utterly smitten. It's been over a year and I'm still loving it and learning about new features...and I don't even have the newest and niftiest. Sounds like yours is equally amazing. Just don't text and drive! Or blog and drive. Or Facebook and drive. get the idea.

Funky Mama Bird said...

Um, what phone is that, exactly? Because I have T-Mobile and desperately need an upgrade, like, now, and that is one ringing endorsement!

MommieV said...

FMB, I tweeted you, but in case you didn't see it...

It's the Samsung Vibrant, part of their Galaxy S series. Other carriers have different versions of the Galaxy S phones which are overall the same phone, just some buttons and controls are different. It looks alot like the iPhone, from what little I've seen of iPhones.

Careful of the sticker shock. It's a 500 dollar phone. Full upgrade, if you are eligible, knocks that down to $250. Since I've been with T-Mobile since before they were T-Mobile, I got to talk to the Loyalty people who knocked that figure down even more, and let me do payments. If you call them, ask to talk to the loyalty department to see if they can make you a special deal.

You have to pay for a data plan which is likely to add around $30 to your monthly bill.

But honestly, I think it would be worth all that to you, for the fact that you can access gmail at the touch of a button, have great web access, so you would be able to get some work related things done while spending time with G. The gmail at a touch thing is awesome, as is the ability to update FB and twitter together from the same screen, with the same update if you want.

Just make sure you're all the way awake the morning after the election before you start doing that crap.

I'm still practicing with Swype - if what you are writing is pretty simple, it seems pretty accurate and I'm getting faster at it, so that's helpful.

MommieV said...

Some minor annoyances. Like all smartphones, it drains battery like my daughter drinks juice. Doesn't seem to charge in the same speedy way.

The only thing I'm finding bothersome is there is no outside LED indicator light for anything, including charging. To tell if you've missed anything, you have to unlock the phone. To tell if you're still charging, you have to unlock the phone. I used to be able to at least tell from across the room if it was plugged in.

Minor annoyances. I'll now go listen to music and tweet from bed.